Khan vs Peterson: Timothy Bradley's Prediction as Close as You Can Get

Henry MartinSenior Analyst IDecember 11, 2011

LAS VEGAS, NV - NOVEMBER 12:  Timothy Bradley celebrates after knocking down Joel Casamayor before Casamayor's trainer Miguel Diaz stopped the right in the eighth round in their WBO junior welterweight title fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on November 12, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Harry How/Getty Images

On Saturday night, Lamont Peterson shocked Amir Khan with a split-decision victory in his hometown of Washington D.C. He barely edged out the former champion and boxing star with scores of 113-112 X2 in his favor and a card of 115-111 in Khan's favor.

While this came as a surprise to many, some people were not surprised that not only did Khan struggle with Peterson, but lost as well.

One person who isn't particularly surprised in any way of the outcome is WBO junior welterweight champion and chief 140 pound rival, Timothy Bradley.

Timothy Bradley right now is looked down on the boxing community and the world of the casual fans for making a business move that would benefit his career.

Instead of taking a lucrative deal with Khan that would have netted him his biggest pay day ever, Bradley instead opted to cut ties with his former promoter and start anew with the Top Rank promotional company.

While I'm disappointed that this fight hasn't happened yet, I understand that not only is boxing a sport but a business as well.

A month ago, while Bradley was trying to promote his fight against Casamayor on the Pacquiao under-card, Elie Seckbach interviewed Bradley on Khan's upcoming fight against Lamont Peterson. The video can be seen here.

Bradley started off by stating Khan's style would fit better with his more than Manny Pacquiao's would. The next question Seckbach asked was what the champion's thoughts were on Amir's upcoming fight. What Bradley said next was spot on.

Bradley talked about how Peterson will be a tough opponent for Khan, no matter what Khan may think of him. That was proven last night after Khan was being brought up against the ropes all night and fighting on the inside with Peterson.

He then alluded to the toughness and tenacity of Peterson by recalling Peterson's fight with Victor Ortiz. Peterson came back from two knockdowns in the same fight to tie that fight with Ortiz. Further, Peterson could take Ortiz's power but Khan doesn't have the power to hurt him like that.

Next, Bradley pointed out that Khan is a speedster who's fast and runs in with his flurry combinations in the ring. This was evident in last night's fight when he would throw flurry combinations at Peterson while moving in and out.

This was something he thought Peterson could and would exploit by applying pressure. This was the case as every time Khan would try to get away from Peterson, he was right there following Khan every step of the way to continue applying pressure. 

Finally, Bradley stated that with the applied pressure added by Peterson, he should tire Khan out. Peterson would make Khan uncomfortable and eliminate his speed by using body shots and make the champion tired.

This is exactly what Peterson did in the fight, as every time he got close to Khan on the inside, he'd launch a series of blows to Khan's body which undoubtedly slowed him down. Not only that, but whenever Peterson eliminated the distance between himself and Khan, you could see the discomfort on Khan's face.

While Peterson's face received more damage from Khan, he dealt serious damage to Khan's body by landing over 110 body shots through the course of the fight. 

He knew the strengths and weaknesses of Peterson because he was the only man to have defeated him in the ring. Bradley's prediction played out to the letter and showed that not only is he as intelligent as he is talented in the ring, but also that the man should be taken seriously.