Michigan Wolverines Football News—February 16th, 2008

Brendan GillespieCorrespondent IFebruary 16, 2008

So this is my first "article" on The Bleacher Report... I usually send these out to an email group list of Michigan Wolverine fans.  If you want to subsribe send an email to:


Follow Up: Law Enforcement is Not Investigating Rodriguez Threats


Some people are saying that Rich Rodriguez made this up as part of his "smear campaign" against WVU, but I don't think he would make this up. Something had to have happened, even if it was a minor incident. 

More new timing rules among NCAA proposal


With these new rules, there will be a 40-second clock to start play after a preceding play ends, and the clock will only start on a referee's signal after a play goes out of bounds. 

Everyone's thoughts on this?

RICH RODRIGUEZ SPEAKS, PART I: On a Tressel-esque speech, the spread offense, and Steven Threet


RICH RODRIGUEZ SPEAKS, PART 2: On U-M recruiting and Purdue coach's attacks against him


RICH RODRIGUEZ SPEAKS, PART 3: On West Virginia, his tear-filled interview, and if he made mistakes when he left


Average Joes get their chance

Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez will hold open tryouts today


Rich Rodriguez compares his first open tryout experience to the movie, Invincible—the story of Vince Papale, a bartender who tried out for the Philadelphia Eagles and made the team.

Another mountain to climb

Fresh off Michigan upset, Appalachian State takes aim at LSU


The Mountaineers will be playing LSU this year on August 30—interesting! 

Rodriguez on WDFN: 'I don't have any snake oil, either'


Good radio interview with RR at the bottom of the page, definitely worth listening.