UFC 140: Lyoto Machida Should Have Tapped out Against Jon 'Bones' Jones

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIIDecember 11, 2011

Lyoto Machida takes on Shogun
Lyoto Machida takes on ShogunJon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Okay, I'm not a fighter or anything, but one thing I know for damn sure is that Lyoto Machida should have tapped in his UFC 140 Light-Heavyweight Championship fight with Jon 'Bones' Jones rather than allow Internet trolls the pleasure of seeing him go out by way of a standing sack-a-potatoes choke. 

I know fighters have their pride, but damn, I can't see how it's more dignified to go out like an empty fast-food bag being tossed in the garbage, than to tap, shake your fist in frustration, and walk off on your own two feet.

Machida knew it was over before he lost consciousness.

Though I like Jones more, I'm a huge Machida fan and didn't like seeing Jones swagger off as if to say "It's too easy" while Machida crashed to the canvas like a stepping stone to Jones' greatness. 

Okay, so I got caught up in the moment and yelled "That's the mother(bleep) champ right there!", but once the excitement wore off I was embarrassed for Machida. 

Seriously, if that final sequence was in slow motion with 300 Violin Orchestra playing in the background, I would have called it ridiculous. Make no mistake, someone will be creating and uploading that video to YouTube some time in the near future.

When Quinton "Rampage" Jackson made it clear that he tapped to Jones because he wasn't about let anyone put him to sleep, that he didn't trust it, I now know what he means. I was concerned for Machida's well being. Fans close to the action saw that Lyoto was out at least a second before the referee Big John McCarthy did. 

Yikes. In that situation, a second is a long time.

Regardless of whether I understand or not, Machida has to receive respect for showing a lot of heart. He was admittedly shaken after being cut by a Jones razor-blade elbow and battled on. 

... and respect the champ for having that killer instinct.