Chicago Bulls Rumors: Latest Free Agency News and Rumors

Ernest Shepard@@ernestshepardAnalyst IIIDecember 11, 2011

Are the Bulls holding out for Superman?
Are the Bulls holding out for Superman?J. Meric/Getty Images

The Chicago Bulls have signed...

That is something we should have heard by now since we are a couple of days into an abbreviated NBA free-agency period.  Most of us have expected a big announcement by now but instead we have been treated to silence.  Dead air. 

This has made us antsy.  Last season ended with so much promise that we were certain the path to the NBA Finals begin and end here in Chicago as long as we get the shiny new shooting guard that we surely lack. 

Fans have called into radio shows expressing their angst and despair.  What is taking the Bulls so long to make a move?  We all know what they need. They know what they need. And they know how to get what they need.  We have played the role of general manager several times, but not even we have envisioned the lack of activity that Gar Foreman is creating.

So far the Bulls have only lost one player, Kurt Thomas, to the Portland Trailblazers and they may lose guard Keith Bogans.  In return, they have brought back Brian Scalabrine, and invited former Illinois standout Luther Head to camp.

Several sources have the Bulls signing Richard Hamilton, once he is bought out and clears waivers, but the player pool is drying up fast. 

Of potential targets for the Chicago Bulls: 

Jason Richardson resigned with Orlando Magic (4 years, $25 million).

Grant Hill stayed with the Phoenix Suns (1-year deal).

Caron Butler signed with the Los Angeles Clippers (3 years, $24 million)

Right there are three players on the Bulls radar who are off of the board.  All that is left are Jamal Crawford, whom the New York Knicks are sniffing at, and the restricted free-agent duo of Denver's Aaron Afflalo and Nick Young from the Washington Wizards

I believe in patience, but the Bulls need to act fast as the opening day tip-off is less than two weeks away.  Signing Richard Hamilton is a good start, but it is just a start.  There is a better plan ahead, but do not expect the Bulls to make a major trade moving one of their bigs as a part of that plan.  They have been rumored to be entering the Dwight Howard sweepstakes. 

Until Howard is traded, players like Taj Gibson and Omir Asik are staying put.  Any deals that the Bulls make will have to involve one of the perimeter players.  Still, there is time.

New York Knicks guard Chauncey Billups became an amnesty cut on Saturday.  Would he be interested in joining Derrick Rose

The move does make sense and it would reunite Billups with Hamilton. 

Keep an eye on Marco Belinelli, Reggie Williams, and Michael Redd as potential targets.