WWE: The Question of Whether John Cena Should Turn Heel

Andrew WindonContributor IIIDecember 11, 2011

John Cena
John Cena

John Cena is a name that will get a reaction in any circle of WWE fans. Whether you love him, hate him, or love to hate him, you talk about him nonetheless.

Cena has made himself a household name, not only in wrestling, but also in everyday life. He could perhaps be the biggest star currently in the business, that is if you do not count wrestlers such as The Rock. The big question that has been on everyone's minds since the Survivor Series is whether Cena should turn heel or not. Or, more simply put, should John Cena start to become the bad guy that he once was?

Now, I am not saying that Cena needs to go back to Chain Gang Cena, but I do believe that the WWE would be better suited with him as a heel. John Cena is a worker, and perhaps the hardest worker in the WWE right now. Cena is also one of the highest selling wrestler merchandise as well.

Will a possible heel turn hurt his selling to little kids? The WWE has to take that into consideration when writing story lines, because as much as those who watch will hate to admit, the company is all about the money. This is the strongest argument against a turn for John Cena. He could no longer be the face of the company as a heel, which would not only hurt marketing, but also hurt things like Make a Wish, Merchandise, and outside promotions on TV Shows.

With all of this taken into account, the question remains the same: Would Cena be better suited as a heel in this current time? The Rock’s return made that question tough to answer, and in fact the WWE has teased all of the fans with the possibility of the turn since the Survivor Series.

The plus side of a heel turn for Cena is that it would change his character and get more of the fans who currently dislike Cena something to talk about. He is a great wrestler and will work his hardest no matter what role he plays on the television. The bigger question still though is this: Has John Cena already been given a role that resembles that of Bret Hart in the 1990’s?

Hart was turned in to the bad guy against Shawn Michaels, but still straddled the line of being a babyface in his home country of Canada. Cena could possibly do the same thing if the WWE decided to take him that route. The thing about John Cena is that something needs to be done no matter what.

The WWE either needs to completely turn Cena heel or keep him baby-face, since the fans will soon grow old and tired of the "Will he? Won’t he? gimmick. The fact still remains the same at the end of the day though: John Cena will be the best worker in the WWE no matter if he is baby-face, heel, or somewhere in between. What do you believe the WWE should do with John Cena?