Ranking the Top 7 WWE Wrestlers Whose Careers Ended Way Too Early

Andrew WindonContributor IIIDecember 11, 2011

Ranking the Top 7 WWE Wrestlers Whose Careers Ended Way Too Early

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    The WWE has had many great athletes come and go in its long history. The reasons for leaving range from retirement to even death, unfortunately.

    This list will give you the top seven wrestlers who had their careers ended before they should have. For the most part, these are grapplers many people may not know, and some people will, but all should be forever remembered for their contribution to the wrestling industry.

7. Chris Von Erich

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    His short career lands him on the list. So much young talent wasted at just the age of 21 after committing suicide in 1991.

    Most people remember his father and brothers more then they remember him. That is no reason to forget him, though, and why he makes the list at No. 7.

6. Mike Von Erich

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    Like his brother before him he had such a great and short career. Making PWI’s Most Inspirational Wrestler of the Year in 1985 and the Rookie of the Year before that lands him on this list.

    Dying at the young age of 23, due to a similar circumstance of suicide in 1987, Mike had his whole career in front of him. It is unfortunate when someone so good takes his own life.

5. Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    This name may look out of place on this list. That is until you realize that he could still be wrestling had he not had a career-ending neck injury that forced him to step away in 2002.

    As arguably one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, it would be very interesting to see what his career could have been had he not been injured.

4. Edge

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    Edge appears on this list for the same reason as Steve Austin. Edge’s retirement in April of this year took the WWE by surprise and left many people in shock and dismay. Edge should still be wrestling and winning championships had it not been for a career-ending spinal injury.

    Though he competed and achieved a lot in his career, it would be very interesting to see what he could have done.

3. Owen Hart

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    Owen Hart has a great legacy in the WWE being a part of the Hart Family dynasty. He was arguably one of the better wrestlers to come out of the Family Dungeon, and his death on the job in 1999 shook the WWE.

    This man could have easily been a perennial Hall of Famer had tragedy not struck. It is very unfortunate when a great man is taken from us before his time.

2. Eddie Guerrero

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    Eddie Guerrero wowed all of the fans whenever he stepped in to the squared circle. A man who lied, cheated and stole his way in to each of our hearts left a hole when he died of heart failure in 2005. He will forever be Viva La Raza to those who got the privilege to see him while he was still alive. 

    Eddie is a Hall of Famer, but it would be amazing to see what could have been had he not passed away. Death is a terrible thing, and it is especially terrible when it happens unexpectedly and suddenly. Eddie will forever be missed and will always be remembered by WWE fans worldwide.

1. Chris Benoit

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    Chris Benoit may be the saddest story on the entire list. Benoit was a great wrestler in his time and should always be remembered as much.

    Unfortunately, this may not always be the case. The former WWE star was involved in a double murder-suicide in 2007, killing both his wife and small son.

    The official report said the incident happened because of Benoit’s steroid abuse. This would cause major backlash in the WWE and would go on to be the catalyst for the WWE’s Wellness Policy testing. Benoit has been blacklisted by the WWE and is no longer spoken of in the office or in the ring.

    This is the true travesty of the entire situation. While there can never be excuses for what he did, Benoit deserves to be remembered for his in-ring activity as a Hall of Famer who developed troubles outside of the ring. Hopefully one day the WWE will recognize this as well.