UFC 140 Results: 5 Highlights from Jon Jones' Victory over Lyoto Machida

Sal DeRose@@TheSalDeRoseCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2011

UFC 140 Results: 5 Highlights from Jon Jones' Victory over Lyoto Machida

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    Jon Jones defeated Lyoto Machida at UFC 140 by standing guillotine choke in Round 2 of their light heavyweight title fight.

    Machida now becomes yet another name on the growing resume of Jones who, at a very young age, has beaten some of the best legends the sport of MMA has.

    Jones survived a first round that saw Machida giving Jones some problems. Eventually though, Jones was able to overcome the first round, and in the second secured a takedown that started his march to victory.

    Once there, a few elbows, a cut and a guillotine choke later, Jones became the first light heavyweight to defend his belt at least two times since Chuck Liddell held the belt.

Starting off Crouched Down... Again

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    It is perhaps the weirdest thing any fighter does to open a fight, but for the last two fights he has opened crouched down, and has won the fight.

    Sounds like a good tradition.

Surviving the First Round

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    It was the toughest round of his career and Machida had landed a few clean shots on Jones.

    These shots eventually made Jones a little more hesitant to throw with Machida, and eventually left Jones making a big second round happen.

The Takedown That Started the Inevitable

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    Jones escaped a first round that could have gone Machida's way. After the toughest round of his young career, Jones bounced back in the second round and got Machida against the fence.

    Once there, Jones lifted up Machida and slammed him down—it was just the beginning of the end for Machida.

The Elbows That Cut Open Lyoto's Forehead

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    After the takedown, Jones did what he is best at—ground-and-pound elbows. Two elbows later, and a cut emerged over Machida's right eye.

    Once the two got back up, referee John McCarthy had to stop the fight to let a doctor look at the deep cut that emerged on the forehead of Machida.

    The doctor eventually cleared Machida and the two were reset to the clinch position they were originally in.

The Standing Guillotine Choke

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    To end the fight, Jones locked in a very tight guillotine choke that put Machida to sleep. Once asleep, Jones let go and Machida tumbled to the mat in epic form.

    The fight won "Fight of the Night" honors as well.

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