Seven Reasons Why Dick Jauron Must Go!

Andrew MasonCorrespondent IDecember 28, 2008

I have been a supporter of Dick Jauron as Bills head coach for a while, but...

Dick Jauron must go!

Now I am one of the most optimistic Buffalo Bills fans, always BILLieving! But enough is enough! Get rid of Dick Jauron!

Seven wins seems to be his motif after three years, so I will give seven reasons.

1. 5-1 after six games.  2-8 the next 10. Don't give me Trent got hurt—they had a good enough running back tandem to use in Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson to get the job done.

2. 0-6 in the division.  One of three teams to finish 0-6 in their respective divisions, with the Rams and the Lions!

3. Clock management.  Nothing more evident then calling a running play with 22 seconds left with no timeouts down by only three, then Duke Preston lets himself get involved in a fight...which leads me to number four.

4. Player behavior.  Duke Preston and Derek Schouman getting into a scuffle, costing the Bills at least three points and momentum.  Two false start penalties today and numerous ones throughout the year.

5. Inexplicably not letting Marshawn Lynch or Fred Jackson run the ball into the end zone while in the red zone, instead throwing and getting intercepted.  You would think he had learned from the Dallas game last year...

6. Not preparing your team against the 3-4 defense.  Four straight weeks they played it.  Four straight losses. Miami, Jets, New England, Cleveland.

7.  Finish here with some nice symmetry.  Letting number seven J.P. Losman (or is it Loserman or LOSSman) roll out on a pass play only up by less than a touchdown while Marshawn was having a great game, and he gets stripped and costs the game.

Now I understand the players love him and all of that stuff, but this team has the talent. However, the inability of the head coach to be smart using it has cost this team in every way imaginable.

Whats your opinon on Dick Jauron? Let's hear it!

Thank you and good night.