UFC 140 Results: What We Learned from Brian Ebersole vs. Claude Patrick

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2011

Brian Ebersole was supposed to face Rory MacDonald tonight at UFC 140 and instead faced Canadian fighter Claude Patrick in a welterweight showdown between two veterans.

It was a back-and-forth battle between Ebersole and Patrick with the two fighters splitting the first two rounds and the third round going either way.

Of course, when Ebersole was announced the victor by split decision, the Canadian crowd was none too pleased with the decision. It was a good fight, though, and here is what we learned.


What We'll Remember About This Fight

Maybe Brian Ebersole's "Tapout" chest hair? You expect something to be done with his chest hair and we get "tapout". Not his best, but I'll take it.


What We Learned About Brian Ebersole

Ebersole is super tough and avoided numerous chokes in the third round. I don't think he can hang with the top of the division, but he certainly is a good mid-tier fighter. Oh and when he said he never was choked out with a guillotine, that is a lie. Stephan Bonnar choked him out with it once.


What We Learned About Claude Patrick


I think Patrick is a solid mid-tier guy. He definitely had this fight controlled at points and definitely won the second round. Third round was more up in the air, but he did get Ebersole in numerous submission attempts. His striking is also very solid.


What's Next For Brian Ebersole?

I wouldn't mind seeing Rory MacDonald and Ebersole in a fight like they were suppose to be tonight. Maybe they give MacDonald a fight with Ebersole in his return fight.


What's Next For Claude Patrick?

Patrick will probably get a low-mid tier welterweight in his next fight. I wouldn't mind it since he is still developing and showed a lot of heart and strength tonight against Ebersole. 


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