New England Patriots Are Through to the Playoffs!

sam briggsContributor IDecember 28, 2008

Breaking news out of Miami! The Miami Dolphins have decided out of the goodness of their hearts that they are going to donate one of their wins to the Winless Detroit Lions.  By doing this they have given Detroit their first win of the season and they have also put the Patriots through to the playoffs.

The Miami Dolphins had won the AFC East with their win over the Jets, finishing with an 11-5 record, and won the tiebreaker over New England with a better conference record.  But at 11:30 tonight the Miami Dolphins Head Coach, Tony Sporano, decided that it would be nice to give Detroit one of their wins.

When they did this they went from 11-5 to 10-6, and the Lions went from 0-16 to 1-15.  When Sparano approached commissioner Godell with this situation, the commissioner was very unsure at first but he soon gave in.

"It was a hard decision and I had to look deep in the rule book, but I finally came across the ruling, and I decided to let Transaction proceed," Commissioner Godell said moments ago. 

Dan Orvlosky, The Lions QB, said that he was very grateful that Miami would do such a thing.  Orvlosky talked about the horrible season and expressed interest in coming to Miami.  The Dolphins were not that nice though.

Rod Marinelli was also very grateful.  "This move was very nice of Sparano, and might have just saved my job.  I think this is exactly the spark we need going into the playoffs."  After one reporter told him that The Lions were not going to the playoffs, Marinelli resigned.

The one player that is the saddest about this decision isn't even on the Dolphins team.  Travis Fisher of the Lions had vowed that if they won he would walk all the way home.  Well they might have not beaten Green Bay but they do have a win so his teammates decided to make him stay true to his word.

"I was trying to talk my way out of it, I even told them about my concussion last week, and bout' how I was thinking straight and all, but they wouldn't listen to me and they sent me hiking," said Fisher.

Back to the earlier mention about how the Patriots are now in the playoffs.  Patriots players were extremely happy.  Bill Belichick even got in on the smiles and laughter of the team.   The Patriots now are preparing for their game against Baltimore later this week.