Robert Griffin III: Top 5 Plays from Heisman-Winning Season

Adam Spencer@AdamSpencer4Correspondent INovember 16, 2016

Robert Griffin III: Top 5 Plays from Heisman-Winning Season

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    Robert Griffin III of Baylor is one of the most exciting players in college football.

    He's a multi-talented quarterback who can run and throw with great efficiency.

    Coming off a Heisman Trophy-winning 2011 season, there are certainly plenty of individual highlights to show just how talented RGIII is.

    That said, I've narrowed it down to the top five video highlights from Griffin's 2011 campaign. Enjoy.

5. Robert Griffin III Airs It out vs. Kansas State

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    Check out the :37 mark of this video.

    RGIII shows he's a true quarterback, standing tall in the pocket, delivering a beautiful pass to the end zone and then taking a big hit.

    Griffin is often seen as more of an athlete than a quarterback, but this play shows he can hang in the pocket as well as anyone.

4. Robert Griffin III Refuses to Go Down

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    Go to the 3:48 mark of this video and watch RGIII make the Texas A&M defense look silly.

    Griffin starts to the left, hits a wall and goes right.

    On his way to a first down, he leaps past one defender and delivers a strong stiff-arm to another.

    This play demonstrates just how athletic RGIII really is. When plays break down, he's still a threat to make something happen with his feet.

3. Robert Griffin III Speeds Past Kansas Defense

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    Check out this video at the 1:55 mark.

    RGIII shows his track star speed as he's bolting past the hapless Kansas defense.

    Once Griffin gets past the last defender, not very many people in college football can catch him.

    He's become more of a pocket passer, but he can still make plenty of plays like this.

2. Robert Griffin III Hits His Receiver in Stride vs. TCU

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    At the 1:02 mark in this video, you'll see RGIII hit his favorite receiver, Kendall Wright, in stride in the end zone.

    That's a pretty amazing throw considering the very small window he had to fit it into.

    If Griffin was two or three inches taller, he'd probably be considered the best NFL prospect right now.

    But, for now, he'll have to settle for throwing dimes like this.

1. Robert Griffin III's Game-Winning Touchdown vs. Oklahoma

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    This video is the definition of a "Heisman moment". It displays everything RGIII does well as a quarterback.

    First, the pocket collapses, so Griffin rolls out to the left.

    Then, he steps into a throw and delivers a perfect ball to Terrence Williams in the end zone.

    Finally, he shows toughness by taking a big hit after he releases the ball.

    That throw, with the game tied against a top five team late in the fourth quarter, shows why RGIII is your 2011 Heisman Trophy winner.