An Angry Monte Barrett Takes Aim at David Tua and the Klitschko Brothers

Johnny WalkerCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2011

Monte Barrett thought he'd be riding high after defeating David Tua last August, but it was not to be.
Monte Barrett thought he'd be riding high after defeating David Tua last August, but it was not to be.Sandra Mu/Getty Images

Veteran American heavyweight Monte “Two Gunz” Barrett is livid about the course his career has been taking ever since he defeated David “Tuamanator” Tua in the New Zealander's back yard last August.

Barrett had hoped his career prospects would be greatly enhanced by handing Tua his first loss in over ten years but, so far, that hasn’t happened. 

Instead, Barrett has had troubles with his management, which have been papered over for the time being.  He also been unable to secure a big name opponent for his next fight, and to make matters worse, his conquered foe Tua slimed his name last week with accusations that Barrett was doping for their August encounter, over three months ago.

Barrett immediately fired back at Tua, calling him “The Queen of New Zealand,” a quotable line which was plastered all over the media Down Under, and, a week later, he’s still fuming.

“Tua is a crybaby, he’s a sore loser, and he just doesn’t want to admit defeat.  He’s washed up!” a still steamed Barrett told Bleacher Report today.

Meanwhile, Tua’s desire to have the result of his loss to Barrett overturned and his ranking restored has fallen on deaf ears in New Zealand. 

“There are too many uncertainties in what happened; too many ifs and buts; too many holes in the curtains for the bullets to pass through,” New Zealand National Boxing Federation president Gary McCrystal told this week regarding any punitive action being taken against Barrett.

Barrett calls Tua, "The Queen of New Zealand."
Barrett calls Tua, "The Queen of New Zealand."Sandra Mu/Getty Images

Nevertheless, even with no, or at best shoddy, evidence against him, the damage to Barrett’s professional reputation is done. 

In response to all of this, Barrett, who has long been one of the nice guys of boxing, has had enough. Like a good guy who goes over to the dark side in one of Barrett’s other favorite sports, professional wrestling, the veteran is ready to play rough, if that’s what it takes to go forward.

He’s had enough of the disrespect, the accusations, and is ready to start slinging some mud of his own.  And aside from “Queen” Tua, he’s targeting the heavyweight champion Klitschko brothers. 

Barrett is supremely irked that while Tua was next in line for a fight with WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko had he won in August, no such offer is forthcoming for a Monte Barrett vs Vitali bout.

“Let me tell you the way I feel.  David Haye looked like shit against Wlad," Barrett seethes.  "And just because he wore a shirt with Wlad and Vitali’s heads chopped off, Vitali’s gonna fight him, instead of saying, ‘Let’s fight someone who deserves a shot.’

“You gonna give a guy who disrespected you and your brother another payday, and another shot at the title? They were gonna fight David Tua, and I annihilated him – for two fights I beat him, and they can’t give me a shot?”

Barrett says the Klitschkos are "two old trees in the heavyweight forest, taking up space."
Barrett says the Klitschkos are "two old trees in the heavyweight forest, taking up space."Scott Heavey/Getty Images

Barrett reasons that the only way to get a fight with the Klitschkos is to play the role of the villain, which he is happy to do.

“David Haye got all that with a shirt, so I’m going to come out with a new hat.  I’m getting hats made up that say, ‘KILL THE KLITSCHKOS!’  

“Vitali, you’re a punk,” Barrett sneers.  “There, I insulted you, now where’s my title shot?”

“The Klitschko girls just hand-pick opponents, and fight whoever they’re emotional with,” Barrett continues, relishing his new role in the black hat.

“They remind me of emotional little girls.  They’re a couple of big old trees in the heavyweight forest, taking up space.  And they’re going to get pissed on.

"I'm gonna be in these guys' asses so much, they're gonna wish they'd have fought me before I ever got started."

[Johnny Walker writes for Boxing Insider and is a Correspondent for Bleacher Report. Unless otherwise noted, all quotes were obtained first-hand. ]