Denver Broncos Defense Truly Offensive

Scott GollContributor IDecember 28, 2008

As this article is being authored, the Broncos-Chargers game is not technically over, but in all aspects it is—down 24 points in the fourth, and with one San Diego punt in the game, no sense waiting for the final gun to put "pen to paper."

I'm now wondering how its come to pass that a franchise once founded primarily on a gifted defense, has fallen to such a pitiful level.

The Mike Shanahan era has been a wonderful period for the Broncos, no ifs ands or buts. We've witnessed an offensive mastermind, and a team well-constructed to put many points on the board for years to come.

The glamour of a creative offense, a strong-armed young gun in Jay Cutler, gifted young receivers in Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal. A revitalized offensive line bolstered by Ryan Clady. Promise for the running game with Peyton Hillis and perhaps others.

All meaningless.

Just like pitching wins championships in baseball, goaltending in get the picture.  If you can shut down the other team—defense—you always have a chance to win.

It has been a long time since Denver has had a legitimate pass rusher. Quarterbacks generally have all day to throw the ball.  Relying on Champ Bailey and Dre Bly to constantly run their tails off and save the team's bacon, just isn't a strategy, it's insanity.

The Broncos absolutely must address their shortcomings in the pass rush, and the run stop. Whether free agency is the answer, or the draft, or a little of both, the point is moot.

It's time to abandon the long-used, oft-maligned (and rightly so) strategy of the "small but quick" linemen and linebackers. Watching the Broncos manhandled week after week has become sickening, demoralizing, and flat out unacceptable.

A team with the offensive talent to outscore virtually team in the league, only needs a mediocre defense to be a playoff team.  After three years of being far short of mediocre on the defensive side of the ball, isn't it high time Denver gets closer to the Orange Crush, instead of this Orange Mush?

52 points?  You'd expect this of the Lions.

Deeply sickened and frustrated, perhaps I'll be back with more constructive thoughts with the passing of time.   Maybe not.