The ECW World Title: The Big Excuse

Cameron HagerCorrespondent IDecember 28, 2008

Ok I have been wanting to write this article for a while and now I finally have a chance.

The ECW Title has turned into something as a sort of excuse to give guys world titles. The title is not extreme as is the rest of the ECW. For some reason ECW is only extreme when people feud with Tommy Dreamer and they don't even do a good job with those Extreme Rules matches.

They gave the title to Chavo Guererro (I might have spelled his last name wrong), who in recent memory isn't exactly in feuds or anything. I think I last saw him face Triple H in a squash match of some sort.

The title, I thought, was to make guys into main eventers which worked out horribly for Chavo. Mark Henry it almost worked but he is in main events with with Finlay and I could care less about that feud. Kane also had the title and he did a pretty good job with it. Although Kane went back to RAW and soon turned heel and got a slap in the face and has not received a world title shot.

The plan has worked out for CM Punk (a former World Champion) and John Morisson who is involved with feuds on other tag teams in other brands because ECW doesn't have their own tag team title.

Matt Hardy deserves better than this title. He has been in the WWE for 10 years now and he has not gotten a WWE or World Heavyweight Championship. Jeff though just got his WWE championship despite him taking drugs and Matt not the one. So Matt despite him being proud of his brother deserves a better title now.

Back to the title.

The title is just giving mid-carders world title to give them a push and seeing the results, it is a 50/50 shot. Chavo and Mark have been the failures but on the other hand Morisson and Punk have done well.

This title though needs to have more of a better effect. ECW needs to put more of a bigger effect on this title than they do. They are giving Jack Swagger a shot now and I am all for pushing young guys but this is dangerous territory. Jack has only been in a feud with Dreamer that ended abruptly.

Also every title match has to be EXTREME RULES. Currently ECW has lost all of its extreme and needs to have at least some. Matt is one to deliver good Extreme rules matches so this could be a good chance to give the title an edge to it.

So all I am saying is this title is an excuse for people who have never gotten a world title and want one but doesn't give the title a good feel. Chavo lost his title in eight seconds. Mark lost his title to Matt after an OK feud. CM Punk feuded with Morisson and gave them both main event matches.

If ECW is going to have a world title then they better do a better job.They are doing a bad job with the title so now they should wake up and help ECW. I am sick of the Finlay-Henry feud being the main event. DO BETTER.

I will take any criticism for the article but this is what I believe.