Wade Barrett: The 6 Best Matches of His Career

Jessica Eberle@Bookjunkie87Contributor IIIDecember 10, 2011

Wade Barrett: The 6 Best Matches of His Career

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    Wade Barrett began his career on the WWE next generation show NXT in 2010. He quickly won over the Pros and went on to be the Season One Winner. The year 2010 was all about Wade Barrett and the Nexus. Barrett led them to take over the entire WWE and their superstars. Then he was sent to Smackdown where he was the leader, though he denied it, of the Corre. In all the commotion about the Nexus and Corre we tend to forget about the competitive matches that Barrett was in. The Nexus and Corre may have interrupted some of them but we should never let that get in the way of his in ring talents.

Nexus Leader vs. John Cena

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    Wade Barrett and John Cena made a deal prior to this highly entertaining matchup. If Cena won Nexus would disband but if Barrett was victorious Cena would join Nexus. Both competitors gave it their all and took each other to the limit. They put on a show for the viewers and made this a match that many will always remember.

    Being new to the business Wade went move for move with Cena. He never let Cena get in control and was always showing how powerful he was. This match was the highlight to the Pay Per View and the loser had a high price to pay. In the end John Cena dawned the gold and black armband and Barrett left with a smile on his face.

Bryan Gets Summerslammed in 2011

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    A year before this match these two were involved in the WWE vs. The Nexus. Now they were in a singles match ex-Nexus leader versus ex-Nexus member. Daniel Bryan was fresh off his win at Money in the Bank and Barrett was furious with the loss he suffered at the same Pay Per View. The weeks between the pay per views were full of occurrences leading to this exciting match. They contended with each other with Barrett having control over Bryan most of the match.

    Although he endured some pain with Bryan's moves he came out on top once again. Barrett proved he could indeed win in the fairly in a singles matchup with the Submission Specialist.

Y2J Meets the Wasteland

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    Monday Night Raw viewers witnessed Barrett placing the Nexus on the line. He told the crowd that if any member of the Nexus lost this match that night, they would have to leave the Nexus. Barrett was set for his match and was to compete against his former NXT Pro Chris Jericho. Although, Jericho is a legend in the business Wade made him look like a rookie. Barrett contended with Jericho, never letting up and always being in control of the match. Jericho is a tough man to beat but all it took was a Wasteland from the big Brit and the three count marked the end of the match. 

Bragging Rights and Randy Orton

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    Randy Orton was the WWE Champion, Wade Barrett was the Nexus leader and the stage was set. Randy Orton had the RKO but Barrett had John Cena on his side during this Championship Match. The stipulation was if John Cena assisted the Brutal Brit in capturing the WWE Championship he would keep his job with the WWE, otherwise Cena would have to say goodbye to the WWE forever. Prior to the match Wade told Cena over the microphone " If I don't win this match I will fire you on the spot!" and that is just what Cena heard.

    The match began like any other fight with the ring of the bell and the cheering of the crowd. Randy and Wade began to fight for the most prized championship in the WWE. Cena watched as the two men fought and Wade made sure Cena knew he wanted him to interfere. Barrett displayed his in ring abilities and that he could contend with top stars such as Orton. While the match went on everyone was wondering what Cena was going to, was Nexus going to be any part, and was Orton going to remain champ?

    In the end John Cena carried out Barrett's wishes and assisted with the disqualification of Orton. This way Barrett won the match but Orton retained his championship and Cena was still employed.

Big Red Machine on Smackdown

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    Upon his arrival on Smackdown, Barrett took on the World's Largest Athlete but he wasn't on his own. The Nexus was always at ring side for the beatings and made their presence known. This infuriated the Big Show's tag team partner Kane and he decided to teach Mr. Barrett a lesson.

    On the May 13th edition of Friday Night Smackdown, The Big Red Machine was set to face the Nexus leader one on one. The match went on for awhile with both men giving their all to pin the other. They hit each other with their best moves and competed right with the other. However, Barrett was beginning to show that he was a 'rookie' compared to the seven foot veteran Kane. At that time the Nexus entered the ring and the match sadly ended in disqualification.

    This was one of those matches that should've had a real ending. By real I mean a three count, a tap out, or a knockout. Barrett showed he could contend but his efforts were overshadowed by his loyal follower's interruption.

Survivor Series Teams Go Head to Head

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    The Barrett Barrage was in full force and Barrett had set his sights on the World Heavyweight Championship. Even though he has proven himself in high profile matches he still seems to have the need to work his way up again. With the title on his mind he decided that he needed to take out Orton in order to be in the hunt. Survivor Series was going to be the first Pay Per View that Barrett contended in since Summerslam and he was ready. He was chosen as the Captain of the team in the Traditional Elimination Match and Orton was the opposing Captain. This was his chance to show the world that he was the supreme leader in WWE.

    In the end, Randy was the only one left on his team and he had Barrett and Rhodes to eliminate. As we all know Wade wasn't going to let this one slip by him. He picked Orton up on his shoulders and hit him with the devastating Wasteland to become one of two Survivors and the true leader. This was Barrett's first win on Survivor Series and what a win it was.

Barrett Barrage

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    Now that the last Pay Per View of 2011 is on its way Barrett is getting ready to contend with Randy Orton in a Tables Match at Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. This is his chance to show the WWE Brass and fans that he is ready to be Champion. All Barrett has to do is contend with the Viper and not allow Orton to take control. He needs to stay in Randy's head like he has been every time they meet in the ring. Barrett can now take this match as the time he needs to really step up and prove he is a top competitor. After this match he could very well be the next World Heavyweight Champion.