My Thoughts and Emotions of UFC 92

James HizonaCorrespondent IDecember 28, 2008

Hello MMA fans and fighters! I am Balistik and this is "MMA ALL THE WAY!!". Today's topic of discussion is going to be about the results of UFC 92. Let the thoughts begin.

Not since Randy Couture beat Tim Sylvia for the Heavyweight Championship did I succumb to all the elements of emotion in a Pay-Per-View. I was shocked as I witnessed the abrupt fall of Wanderlei Silva from a left hook by "Rampage" Jackson. "The Axe Murderer" is now 1-2 since his return to the UFC.

Now, as a former fighter, there does come a point when you have to accept the fact that the human body can only take so much damage. No matter how hard you train and how great your conditioning is, there is a limit that once it has been reached there is no going back. I do believe that Wanderlei is in that situation now. Yes, he lost the match, but he still owns two memorable victories over Jackson. Not many people can say that.

Wanderlei Silva will always be one of my heroes. He is one of the reasons why I started MMA. There is nothing that this future Hall of Fame fighter has to prove. I just hope he makes the right decision of what he tends to do with his career. Yes, it would be a loss to the MMA world if he decides to leave competition, but the MMA world needs to make room for fighters that want to make Wanderlei proud.

The Mir versus Nogueira fight made me extremely anxious for the next fight which will determine who is the absolute best in Heavyweight Division in the UFC. I wanted Mir to win the fight because I, like many others, would love to see Lesnar and Mir go at it one more time.

I love Nogueira, I love his work ethic and I love all the obstacles that he has overcome, not just in the ring, but outside as well. Frank is on a mission, though, and that mission will come full circle when he steps into the octagon against the current Heavyweight Champion. What I enjoyed most is when Mir looked right at Brock after he won and yelled the words, "YOU HAVE MY BELT!!" That being said, we are going to see another great battle between those two gladiators.

The Griffin/ Evans fight was a fight that, not only pissed me off, but it also made me interested to see just how Griffin improves with this loss. It pissed me off because I wanted to see Evans get his bell rung so he can experience what it feels like to eat a loss. I wanted him to look back at the fight and see where he needs improvements and how he bounces back from a defeat.

With my wrestling background, I usually cheer for the wrestler in an MMA fight. Rashad is different. When I saw the way he acted in Season Two of The Ultimate Fighter, I quickly disliked the former Spartan from Michigan State. I saw a fighter that has yet to respect others and a fighter that has yet to respect the sport. That was three years ago. Now it seems that nothing has changed.

True, the guy is blessed with unbelievable athleticism and his striking has evolved him into a knockout artist, but since I saw him on that show, I am still waiting for the one fighter that will give him a beating. The only problem is which fighter will want to set their sights on Rashad and actually be able to pull it through?

For Griffin, I know that he will become an even better fighter than before. After the loss to Keith Jardine at UFC 66, Forrest saw the holes in his game and improved on it dramatically. Those improvements were noticeable when he racked up wins over "Shogun" Rua and then champion "Rampage" Jackson. It is only a matter of time when Forrest gets another title shot and it is only a matter of time when his passion for the sport makes him a champion once again.

Well those are my thoughts, now I'd like to hear yours. Which fighter will make Evans taste the bitterness of defeat for the first time? Should "The Axe Murderer" hang up his "Axe"? Should it have been Nogueria versus Brock? or would you like to see the rematch between Frank and Brock? Until then, this is Balistik signing out.

Peace out,