Chicago Bulls Shooting Guard Prospects: Top Six Available

Ernest Shepard@@ernestshepardAnalyst IIIDecember 10, 2011

Chicago Bulls Shooting Guard Prospects: Top Six Available

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    The Chicago Bulls' search for a shooting guard is underway, and now is the time to rank the best players available.  I'm not going to judge based on stats, but on how they would fit with Derrick Rose and the rest of the team.  Too many times have players had "career years" before free agency only to have a team sign them to a ridculous deal.  This is what I will call the "Rashard Lewis Effect" or R.L.E.  

6. Vince Carter

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    Vince Carter has been there and has done that, from the "heir apparent" conversations to being considered as uninspired as he has been a polarizing star. 

    Does anyone remember the season when the Toronto Raptors were in the 2001 eastern conference semi-finals?  With an important Game 7 coming, Carter decided to skip practice to receive his college degree on stage.  How is that for priorities?   

    What he brings to the table is respect and the ability to score when the mood strikes.  Not a bad combination, but again, it is his desire that's in question.

    On a scale of 1-10...

    Fit with the Bulls: 7

    Rashard Lewis Effect: 8

5. Nick Young

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    He fits like a glove with the Bulls just based off of his scoring attributes. 

    The issue with Nick Young is that he is a restricted free-agent.  Questions about his basketball I.Q. have come up lately, and that might be a result of poor coaching from Eddie Jordan then Flip Saunders.  I'd sign Young to an offer-sheet but with caution.  He was one of the many players whose scoring doubled once facing free agency.

    Fit with the Bulls: 9

    R.L.E. Rating: 10 

4. Jason Richardson

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    I like Jason Richardson if the price is right. 

    Here's the problem with the price: Richardson has a few years left where he can still play at his prime, but lacks the explosion that he once had.  Sadly, I do not believe that he will accept the mid-level exception, but I have been wrong before. 

    Fit: 8.5

    R.L.E.: 5

3. Jamal Crawford

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    We all know Jamal Crawford's game.  He can score with the best of them, but on defense he can kill your team's chances. 

    Someone suggested that Crawford is better on D than Kyle Korver, and he is correct.  He's an upgrade completely.  One thing that I like about Crawford is that he is fearless on offense.  Too much guile to ever come out looking horrible.

    Fit: 10 on offense but a 3 on defense.

    R.L.E.: 1

2. Aaron Afflalo

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    If he wasn't a restricted free-agent, Afflalo would be number one.  He is the ultimate team guy.  Very seldom do you see jack-of-all-trades players.  He doesn't wow you but leaves you intrigued.  

    Afflalo is perfect for the Bulls, and there is very little chance of him suffering from R.L.E.  Shane Battier with great athletic skills.  Too bad Denver will match any deal the Bulls offer.

    Fit: 10

    R.L.E.: 2  

1. Richard Hamilton

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    Hamilton is the best player for the money.  He can still score.  In the Bulls' offense, he might be the third or fourth option, and they are a team that plays some screen-and-rolls. 

    He has three-point range, and is deadly from inside 20 feet.  One champion ring and a ton of playoff experience.  The knock on Hamilton is his age.  He has a lot of miles on him, but that shouldn't deter the Bulls from signing him.

    Fit: 9

    R.L.E.: 0.  You know what you're going to get from Hamilton, and he doesn't take plays off.