I Have lived long Enough to see Four NFL games Televised to NYC!

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IDecember 28, 2008

Glory Glory Hallelujah!

My whole life I have been subject to that horrible phrase "except in New York."

A month ago I prayed to the Blogods when I wrote It's 2008, Can We Have The Doubleheader?

Today, my prayers have been answered.

Here in NY, where we are often subjected to horrible games while you folks in the flyover states get to see multiple games, we not only got two games at 1 pm, we also got two games at 4 pm.

I believe this is a first.

Here is the part I want the NFL to notice:  the Jets game is still sold out! There is no need to have silly blackout rules. The Jets fans are at the stadium. The Jets fans are glued to CBS. If a few of us sneak over to Fox to peek at Cowboys-Eagles the world will not end.  In fact you will wind up with more people more interested in your league.

I really cannot believe this is happening, but thank you NFL, and let's do this every week next year!


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