2011 Heisman Trophy: Celebrity Look-Alikes for Each Finalist

Sam Schwartz@seschwartz365Correspondent IDecember 10, 2011

2011 Heisman Trophy: Celebrity Look-Alikes for Each Finalist

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    The 2011 Heisman Trophy race is one of the strangest in recent years. 

    Andrew Luck entered the season as the favorite to win the award, but he may finish just short.  Trent Richardson also was considered a legitimate threat to take home the hardware before the year began and was honored as the nation's top running back Thursday night. 

    Robert Griffin III made a statement on the first night of the season and made another on the last.  In fact, he struck the pose in Baylor's win over Texas last week and could be the front-runner to win the award at this point. 

    Montee Ball ran for the second-most touchdowns in a single season of any player in college football history and is statistically the best back in the country. 

    Meanwhile, Tyrann Mathieu was the nation's undisputed best defender from day one and could claim the trophy because of his team's spectacular season. 

    Whatever the result, the race for the Heisman Trophy is going to end in a photo finish worthy of making its way to the big screen. 

    In this slideshow I will put together a list of five celebrities that could play each of these finalists in a movie about this season.    

Tyrann Mathieu: Chris Brown

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    I know that I could have taken the easy road and gone with the Honey Badger for this one, but LSU's star defender looks a whole lot like singer Chris Brown. 

    Just like Tyrann Mathieu, Brown dyed his hair blond a few months back.  The similarities do not stop there, as Mathieu and Brown have both sported a little bit of facial hair over the last few months. 

    While Brown's violent attitude does not resemble "the Honey Badger," the ability to take on a different persona is what makes one a great actor. 

    Brown is best known for his music, but his film roles include spots in Stomp the Yard, Takers and This Christmas

    His acrobatic dancing skills and fit body could allow him to serve the great cornerback and punt returner well.    

Trent Richardson: T-Pain

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    I have decided to go with T-Pain for Richardson's look-alike. 

    Trent Richardson took home the Doak Walker Award on Thursday night as the nation's top running back this season.  Even if the Alabama junior does not claim the Heisman, he still going to play for the national title. 

    The 5'11" running back and the 5'9" R&B artist are both owners of flowing dreadlocks on their heads. 

    I am not sure if T-Pain could keep up with the Heisman finalist on the field, but that is why there are stunt doubles. 

    His only acting role came in the 2010 film Lottery Ticket, but T-Pain has lent his voice to a number of cartoons. 

    Trent Richardson has had to fight off SEC defenders throughout the entire season and he may very well be the most talented back in the entire country. 

Robert Griffin III: Waka Flocka Flame

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    Robert Griffin III has had his Heisman moment and even though he is the only finalist that is not going to be playing in a BCS game, he is probably the most worthy recipient of the award. 

    For RG3's celebrity look-alike I have chosen Waka Flocka Flame.  The rapper, whose real name is Juaquin Malphurs, had his music become known in 2009 with his single "O Let's Do It."

    The main reason that I selected him for this role is that he has nearly the same exact hair style as that of the Davey O'Brien Award winner.

    RG3 is likely headed to the NFL and his story is not over.  His historic career at Baylor will be remembered for years. 

    I bet Griffin is a million times more athletic than Waka Flocka Flame and the two are nothing alike personally, but I am sure that the rapper would be a good fit for playing this spectacular athlete. 

Montee Ball: Kel Mitchell

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    After a strong performance in the Big Ten title game, Montee Ball earned a trip to New York.  The nation's leading rusher this season, Ball has been given a lot less buzz than he deserves.  

    For Ball's celebrity look-alike I have chosen Kel Mitchell.  Mitchell has not done much since his days in titles such as Keenan and Kel, Good Burger, and All That, but he could make his comeback by playing the star running back.  

    There are probably a lot of other people that I could have picked for the role of Ball, but I thought that Mitchell would be the best fit for the Wisconsin star. 

    Their smiles and faces are close enough to be considered look-alikes and they both are able to pull off the nice-guy attitude. 

    Even if Ball does not win the Heisman, he is going to have a chance to showcase his skills in the Rose Bowl against Oregon.   

Andrew Luck: Jon Heder

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    Andrew Luck is going to be the first overall pick in the NFL draft and go on to a great career in the pros.

    However, after a number of players emerged in the final weeks of the season, he may leave New York without any hardware for the second year in a row. 

    I thought long and hard about assigning a celebrity look-alike to the Stanford star quarterback and I ultimately decided to go with Jon Heder. 

    Heder is most remembered for his role as Napoleon Dynamite in 2004 film of the same name.  He is known solely as a nerd, so playing one of the top NFL prospects the nation has ever seen may be very difficult. 

    There might be people other than Heder who would be better fits for this role, but the similarities in their facial features and expressions explain my reasoning for this selection.

    Regardless of what happens tonight, Luck has had a phenomenal career at Stanford.