NBA Free Agency 2011: 4 Players Knicks Should Look at to Fill Roster

Francisco RiveraCorrespondent IDecember 14, 2011

NBA Free Agency 2011: 4 Players Knicks Should Look at to Fill Roster

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    With the Tyson Chandler trade becoming official, the New York Knicks have added a major defensive piece in their quest for a championship. The 7-1 veteran will help man the paint and help the Knicks get past the first round in the playoffs.

    The move unfortunately came at the expense of Chauncey Billups, Andy Rautins, Ronny Turiaf and a couple of second rounders. Billups will have to be replaced, as the team now has a glaring need for another point guard or leader.

    Unless a major miracle happens, and Billups passes through the waiver wire where no team claims him, and he eventually returns to the team as a free agent. With that in mind, let's look into how the Knicks can fill their roster and add to the team's needs.

    Here is a layout of the most-likely expenses the Knicks currently have or will have after signing their draft picks in Shumpert, Harrelson and possibly Jordan.

    Amare Stoudamire ($18,217,705), Carmelo Anthony ($18,518,574), Tyson Chandler ($14,200,000), Toney Douglas ($1,145,640), Landry Fields ($788,872), Mike Bibby ($1,400,000), Jared Jeffires ($1,4000,000), Renaldo Balkman ($1,675,000), Bill Walker  ($916,100), Iman Shumpert ($1,343,000), Josh Harrellson ($500,000) and Jerome Jordan($500,000). 

    With the team as close to the salary cap max as it can be, it will be quite a challenge to get the right personnel in a Knick uniform. With free agency and players being amnestied, the Knicks will have some intriguing prospects to look at. Let's explore...

Baron on Broadway?

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    With amnesty cuts happening by the day, soon-to-be former Cleveland Cavalier guard Baron Davis should be one of the Knicks' first targets once he is released.

    The California combo guard has had his payday as an NBA player, and if he wants a ring, he might want to head over to Broadway and 34th street to showcase his skills. While bothered again this year so far by minor back woes, when healthy, Davis's ability to break down defenders and shoot the three-ball would be welcome additions to a much improved Knicks team on paper.

    He is a power point guard with great vision who has the ability to defend both guard positions if needed. Not as explosive as he used to be, but still will show flashes when motivated. His assists that led to layups and dunks were some of the the highest in the league, which is a testament to his court vision and hoops IQ.

    Is the risk of injury to big for the Knicks to venture into a deal? If a possible championship ring is not enough motivation to be ready as a ball player physically and mentally, then it might be time for Davis to move on a get more involved in the movies he been making. 

High Amnesty Risk?

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    Gilbert Arenas has been through the ringer these last few years, which has eventually led to his being waived this week. The dynamic point guard with an even more more dynamic personality is now available to NBA teams.

    With career lows in scoring eight points and three assists, and a gun charge to add to it, it might look like a bad risk. Yet, this particular risk has averaged over 20 points, five assists and four rebounds over the life of his career and is still only 29 years of age.

    He has been hit with the injury bug as of years late, but in the Knicks' up-tempo system, his skill set, ability to shoot the ball off the catch and dish off dribble penetration are the things that this team is looking for.

    In the sports world of second chances, teams might be a bit timid to reach out to Arenas, but it shouldn't stop the Knicks from making an offer, and it would be a big upgrade over Mike Bibby.

The Return of the Hired Sniper

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    As the signal says above...three points...and that's exactly the area in which Shawne Williams excels at.

    The Knicks are hoping he waits out all of their other moves, as going over the salary cap with him could yield him a few more dollars. After Donnie Walsh resurrected his career by putting him in Diantoni's up-tempo system, it allowed him lots of open looks and led to a solid 2011 season.

    His averages of seven points and about four rebounds (while shooting 40 percent from the three-point range) kept him in the rotation often. Williams also led the league in the last stat for a good portion of the season

    While only 25 years of age, he still has some growth in his game, and the Knicks would be wise to not let him go to the opposition. Though not known for his defense, Williams has the ability to defend both small and power forwards with respectable results. 

Guard Depth for Knicks?

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    Reggie Williams has taken the D-League route into the NBA, and had a nice break-out year for the Golden State Warriors in 2011.

    The lefty scored almost 10 points a game in limited minutes and an even more limited role. He handles the ball very well and shoots the three-ball with consistency. At 25 and in an up-tempo system, Williams should consider bringing his game to the new beast of the East.

    After shooting 46 percent from the field and 42 percent from the three-point range, Williams has shown teams he can shoot the deep ball.

    He also has the ability to play both guard and forward ,and his overall fell for the game makes him an up-and-coming prospect that could provide depth for the "Dare I Say" new-look Knicks.