Chicago Bulls: Current Free-Agency Options at Shooting Guard

Ernest ShepardAnalyst IIIDecember 9, 2011

The top shooting guard is still on the board
The top shooting guard is still on the boardMarc Serota/Getty Images

The NBA free-agency period has started, and the first day has come to a close.  Thus far, there has been a blockbuster NBA trade vetoed along with several low-profile free agents agreeing to deals.  The biggest names to agree in free agency have been Tyson Chandler (four years and $58 million) and Caron Butler (three years and $24 million).  Several other big-name players are available, but I expect plenty of movement throughout the remainder of the weekend.

As far as the Chicago Bulls are concerned, their search to find a perfect complement to Derrick Rose took a slight hit once free-agent swing-man Grant Hill re-signed with the Phoenix Suns for a one-year deal.  Along with him came the Los Angeles Lakers' Shannon Brown who signed a one-year deal with the Suns as well.

Gilbert Arenas and Richard Hamilton, a couple of the players rumored to be amnesty cuts were sent packing today.  Thereby adding those names to the potential options of free-agent guards that they can choose from.  Unfortunately one target, Portland's Brandon Roy, abruptly retired citing a degenerative knees as the reason.

So where does that leave the Chicago Bulls?

The top shooting guard is still on the board in Jason Richardson.  As is rumored candidate Jamal Crawford.  So are Denver's Aaron Afflalo and Washington's Nick Young.  The release of Richard Hamilton just might give the Chicago Bulls a pause on what route that they will take.

Hamilton was a player that the Bulls targeted after last season's trade deadline after it was believed the shooting guard was going to waived.  Hamilton comes with his share of baggage.  He and former Pistons coach Larry Kuester had a rift throughout Kuester's tenure that eventually lead to a team walkout in what was considered the low point of Detroit's season.

Another name on the NBA free-agency market is Vince Carter.  After being bought out by Phoenix, Carter's name has been linked to the Dallas Mavericks.

One move that might make sense for the Bulls is to go after Arenas who owns a home in Chicago and most likely will not be very pricey.  Arenas is a player who might look to want to re-establish his position in the NBA.  He's a streaky shooter with a lot of guile.  That combination with Derrick Rose might just work if the price is right. 

Once again, day one of NBA free agency is over, and the Chicago Bulls have the same roster that they had yesterday.  It's still early, but no need to panic as I expect a huge splash on the horizon.