Wrestling: The 25 Hottest Divas of 2011

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIDecember 13, 2011

Wrestling: The 25 Hottest Divas of 2011

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    They may not have been the best wrestlers we saw this year, but the divas and knockouts in both the WWE and TNA have given us moments that we won't forget.

    And some of those instances were actually in the ring.

    Women in wrestling have proven to be just as important as any one group, segment or entity.

    We look forward to seeing them each week, hearing what they have to say and watching them perform their craft in the ring.

    And in some instances, the wrestling is pretty darn good (if you are a TNA fan).

    In light of the holidays, here is a salute to the women of wrestling.

    These are the 25 hottest women in the business today.

    And by the way, they are not in any ranked order. I will allow you guys to debate who the best is.

AJ Lee

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    The WWE's answer to Gidget.

    She is cute and looks like she should be a pin-up doll. But does she really merit title consideration?

    Let's hope 2012 proves to be more successful for her. Her angle with Daniel Bryan may help her a bit.


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    I haven't figured her out yet.

    Besides being a kiss-up to Teddy Long, she really serves no purpose on SmackDown.

    But she sure looks good.

Bella Twins

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    There is something to be said about being a twin.

    The Bellas have made it interesting this season. I would have thought they would have gotten more attention after the mid-way part of the year, but that was not the case.

    With 2012 comes more opportunities for Brie and Nikki to make more of an impact in the ring and on Raw.

Beth Phoenix

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    The "Glamazon" still rules.

    The blond beauty will be champion at the end of the year and will battle the likes of Eve and Kelly Kelly after the year begins.

    There needs to be more heat for Phoenix. Maybe Lita comes back for Kharma or even for Natalya.

Brooke Tessmacher

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    When she came to TNA, she was a pretty face and smoking hot body.

    And then she learned to wrestler.

    What is WWE's loss is TNA's gain.

    Tessmacher was a tag team champion and may get an opportunity to chase the TNA Knockouts Title.

Eve Torres

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    She is a strikingly beautiful woman who may have a new feud on her plate in 2012.

    Will Eve go from being Kelly Kelly's best friend to being her worst enemy? Only the script writers in WWE know the answer to that.

Gail Kim

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    Gail Kim is back where she belongs.

    As a heel knockout, she is perfect in that role.

    Hopefully, TNA will find a great feud for her like Tara or maybe Melina if she makes it to Florida.

Christy Hemme

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    Now that she has moved from in the ring to ring announcer, Hemme is still in the spotlight and looking hotter than ever.

    The redhead is still scorching hot and brings a much needed fire to TNA.

    Someone has to heat things up.

Kelly Kelly

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    Hello, there.

    Kelly Kelly is definitely the Sable of this generation.

    And her wrestling skills are getting better.

    Look for her to either stay in the WWE and feud with Eve or branch out into other avenues that may take her away from Monday nights.

Lillian Garcia

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    Here is one who is happy Lillian is back in the WWE.

    Her beautiful voice and sexy look was underplayed in the WWE and now that she is back, I can say I am one happy camper!

Angelina Love

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    Admittedly, she has fallen off since joining her buddy Winter.

    But there is something about Angelina Love that is still hot. And when she needs to, she can still wrestle.

    I think she will turn on Winter in 2012 and befriend Velvet Sky again.

Madison Rayne

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    She owns half of the Knockouts tag team titles with Gail Kim, but Madison Rayne has become somewhat of a jobber.

    The former world title holder will be a big part of Karen Jarrett's "posse" and play nice for the boss.

    And then she will get pissed off, whine and seek revenge.


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    She is on this list because she was an important part of the WWE for half the year.

    Now that she is exploring other endeavors, we can only wait to see what happens to her.

    Maryse was without a doubt one of the most beautiful women in wrestling ever.

    She will be missed.


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    She caused a lot havoc in and out of the ring in the WWE.

    Will she take that attitude to TNA?

    Melina was a difficult cookie to figure out. And it may have been a reason her boyfriend John Morrison is no longer in the WWE.

    Could TNA be the destination for both of them?

Mickie James

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    Mickie has been in the middle of the Knockouts Title picture for most of the year.

    She may be the most underrated wrestler in TNA, in that she drops the title, wins the title and still hangs around the top of the ladder.

    She probably will hold more gold in 2012.


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    All I have to say is thank the good lord she is not built like her daddy.

    She may have some of daddy's mean streak in her (Jim Neidhart) but she is a sight better than the old man.

    Could Natalya turn on her buddy, Beth Phoenix and challenge her for the Divas Title?

    Greed makes people do strange things.


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    Am I the only one who thinks Jessica Kressa is a hottie?

    When she looks like this, I just wanna take her home to mom.

    But the wrestler has had a bittersweet year and hopefully TNA will find better ways to use her in 2012.

    She is way too talented to sit on the sideline.


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    She and Sarita are interchangeable.

    They need a new gimmick and to make some noise in the tag team division.

    But they still look good in those small costumes.


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    She and Rosita are interchangeable.

    They need a new gimmick and to make some noise in the tag team division.

    But they still look good in those small costumes.


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    If you are related to Jimmy Snuka, then you should be a little more active in the WWE.

    Tamina should be challenging for the Divas Title and showing off more of the skills her daddy taught her.

    Maybe a leap from the top rope would help get her more recognition.


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    Look what Santa left me under the tree!!!

    Why she is not in the middle of the Knockouts Title picture is beyond me.

    Tara is so talented and a former WWE title holder.

    A feud with her and ODB or Gail Kim would be hot!

Traci Brooks

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    When we saw her beat the hell out of Gail Kim last week, did we see a sign that Traci Brooks will be getting back in the ring?

    I think I speak for TNA fans when I say I hope so.

    Brooks is still a great competitor and can be a big part of the Knockout Division other than being part of the "Clique" with Karen Jarrett.

Velvet Sky

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    She won the Knockouts Title in what amounted to a cup of coffee.

    She deserved a better fate.

    Velvet Sky needs a more prominent role in this company.

    Or a spread in Playboy or something.

    She is great on the mic and very talented and her talents right now are being wasted.


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    Oh, look. Another present under the tree.

    Winter was a great addition to TNA and could be a mainstay for years to come.

    I have not decided if I like her character yet or not, but when she wears outfits like that, she grows on me.