WWE: Why Do Howard Finkel and Jim Ross Stay so Loyal and Take so Much Abuse?

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIDecember 9, 2011

Two Hall of Fame greats! Image courtesy of centpourcentcatch.free.fr
Two Hall of Fame greats! Image courtesy of centpourcentcatch.free.fr

Tee Gee Eye Eff at long last!

This Broski needs a brewski, like many others, after his long day.

Look! It's not over yet. Smackdown is on and with that, a whole new article.

Have you ever wondered why people stay at their jobs despite being treated like garbage? Case in point: Hall of Famers Howard Finkel and Jim Ross.

These two gentlemen are legends of the business. One is the greatest ring announcer of all time and the other is the best damn play-by-play commentator there is today, yet neither of them are doing what they are masters of on a full-time basis.


Real Talk!

I wish to deliver a message to them right now, and I believe I speak for the rest of us, the fans, when I say it:

Thank you so much for still being around and providing us with some much-needed (and rare) great moments. It means the world to us and we cannot get enough.

To watch Jim Ross get "future endeavored" like that on national television is insulting to me. On his rare, non-kayfabe moments, he has been very clear on how many times the company has let him down and fired him, but still he remains and does his work like no other.

Having Michael Cole around to this day is one of the reasons the shows aren't taken seriously. He is just horrible. When is he going to get his due?

We want Ross!

As for Howard Finkel. Doing his segments on WWE.com is just not enough. He is the longtime voice of the company. No one can announce like he can and for him to appear at Survivor Series made all the difference in the championship match between CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio.

If I have to hear Justin Roberts say "Jooooooooohn Ceeeeeeeenaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!" I think my head will explode. Mind you, I actually like his style, as he must surely model after Finkel.

They should allow Howard the Fink to do all the pay-per-view shows from now on. Watch the buy rates increase simply for him being there. The others just don't cut the mustard as much. They should stick to TV while we get to hear "The winner of this bout and...neeeeewwww!" a few more times.

So let me give you some sort of answer as to why they remain despite being put on the back burner. Feel free to answer it yourself in the comment box.

I think it's because of us.

They know we know they are the best and respect them for all their vital contributions. They know that the bigger picture is not Vince McMahon anymore but his so-called WWE Universe who he needs to pay attention to.

We are the reason why there is a WWE to begin with. If we didn't tune in every time, then he, Ross, Finkel, Cena and all the others wouldn't have a job anymore.

This company is the center point of all sports entertainment. There is no better place like home.

Insert a key word here: loyal.

For once I can agree with John Cena's motto of Hustle, Loyalty and Respect. I believe that's what Howard Finkel and Jim Ross represent. These are great qualities for equally great men. If the employer gets nasty with you, no need to sink to that level, right? 

Isn't that the best way to be remembered when we pass on? To be known as men of strong virtue who have been there through it all for us. 

Let's hope the company has enough sense to realize this before they do depart. I for one cannot wait until they return.

Everything happens for a reason in life, and in WWE for that matter. Ross and Finkel should pop up again soon.

Look for a sign.