Destiny Belongs To The Miami Dolphins

Charles AsburyContributor IDecember 28, 2008


How many times this year have you heard players and coaches using this comment: "We're in control of our own destiny." Time after time, interview after interview, they insisted on saying the same thing over and over. 

But any owner of a basic dictionary knew it wasn't true.

According to Webster's New World Dictionary, destiny is: The seemingly inevitable or necessary succession of events. What will necessarily happen to any person or thing (one's) fate. That which determines events: said of either a supernatural agency or necessity—SYN, Fate.

Your destiny is already predetermined; it's decided by a higher authority.

On Sunday, the Dolphins' destiny was winning the AFC East Title. But who would have guessed that way back in the preseason.

First off, there was a quarterback shuffle in Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers said good-bye to Brett Favre. It appeared early on that the gamble might pay off. Rodgers and the Packers started off okay, but as destiny would have it, it wasn't to be. The Packers finished 3rd in the NFC North, at 6-10. No playoffs and certainly no improvement from last year.

Flash back again. Brett Favre heads east, takes over the steering wheel in New York, and Chad Pennington says good-bye to the Jets. It seemed at midseason that Favre and the Jets were destined to make the playoffs.

As destiny would have it, the ending of this story all came down to one game.

That game was between the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. Brett Favre and the Jets had to beat the Miami Dolphins and Chad Pennington to make the playoffs. It wasn't to be.

The Dolphins won 24-17, leaving the Jets 9-7 and headed home for good. No playoffs, no happy endings, and hopefully no more wrangler commercials with Brett Favre for awhile.

I'm not hating on Brett; he's been my favorite QB for a long time, but it wasn't his time to shine. And destiny had its way, because Chad Pennington ended up leading the Miami Dolphins to a division title, and the playoffs.

 Earlier this season, I wrote an article entitled, "Are the Dolphins back?" I knew that the Dolphins were a special team then, and now they are headed to the playoffs for the first time since 2001. Bill Parcells has turned that entire organization around in one year.

In his new role as V.P. of Operations, the Big Tuna quickly enticed G.M. Jeff Ireland to join the show, who in turn hired 29 new players. Parcells then went shopping for a new coach. Tony Sparano got the gig, and since that moment, the Dolphins have never looked back. Parcells did it with the Patriots, Giants, Jets, Cowboys, and now with the Dolphins.

The season started out for three teams like some low budget NFL soap opera. One QB here, the whining, another QB there, the interviews; and in the meantime, Chad Pennington just hanged low and put in solid performances every week.

The events leading up to this climatic ending couldn't have played out any better. Like dominos falling in rapid succession, the last one has just hit the table.

And now it all makes sense, because destiny belongs to the Dolphins.