Brett Favre Love Triangle Comes Full Circle as Jets and Bucs' Seasons End

Stephen ZsigaContributor IDecember 28, 2008

Brett Favre's season came to an end in the unusually warm Meadowlands in New Jersey Sunday night, and perhaps his legacy did too.

For the past, oh let's just say, handful of seasons prior to being traded to the New York Jets, Brett Favre had played countless games of cat and mouse with the Green Bay Packers organization as to whether or not he would return to the team the following year, or retire. 

The New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the main players in an off-season game of their own of who could land the savvy, play-making, veteran quarterback from the Packers.  The Jets did, and the rest is history.

Both Favre and Buccaneers' quarterback Jeff Garcia are nearing the end of their playing careers in the NFL.  For those who do not recall, the mistreatment of Jeff Garcia roots back to the 2007 season when Garcia was benched late in the year so that the team would not be responsible for incentive bonuses he was about to earn. 

After the controversial benching, a first-round home game loss to the eventual Super Bowl champion New York Giants, and some speaking out against the team by Garcia,  the Bucs became a primary potential suitor for a deal for Favre.  The Jets eventually were the top bidder, finalizing a deal for number four in early August.  The Bucs retained Garcia as their starter as the relationship between himself and the Bucs' organization had reached the point of no repair.

With five games remaining on the schedule, the 8-3 Jets played awfully against the two-faced Denver Broncos who were traveling all the way from Colorado to scuffle at Giants Stadium back on the final day of November.  The other contestant in the off-season Favre sweepstakes, the Bucs, had started out a very solid 9-3 before getting run all over by the Panthers at Carolina on a national television Monday Night game for 299 yards. 

Both teams faded fast after those instances as the Jets went on to lose three of their last four finishing with a non-playoff worthy 9-7 record.  That night in Charlotte the Buccaneers saw their once impressive defense fail and never regain its' once potent swagger, as that lead to four straight losses to close the season out.

So for the Jets, irony.  More of the same dish but with a familiar server taking the honor of bringing his old team the delicacies in Chad Pennington erasing the Jets' playoff hopes for 2008.  Not to mention Favre, for his second consecutive season, throwing an interception on his last pass attempt of the NFL year. 

And as for the Bucs, it all-in-all was completely irrelevant whether or not the highly criticized and highly scrutinized move-that-never-happened came out like it did.  Both teams fazed out like an old year on the calendar, or an old quarterback in the National Football League sharing similar thoughts:  next season.