Christiano Ronaldo with Mystery Illness No More! (HUMOR)

Justin MuehlfeldContributor IDecember 28, 2008

It seems that the World Player of the Year Christiano Ronaldo has come across a bit of a problem this EPL season. It has happened on a couple of occasions in fact, most recently on Boxing Day against Stoke City. 

He has succumb to a bout of RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome). For those of you who do not know, RLS is a problem with circulation where muscles twitch, spasm, or otherwise act up uncontrollably, usually in the legs.

At Britannia Stadium, the Man U giants faced the Potters. The game was rather back and forth, Stoke holding their own and wanting to impress on such a notable day in the EPL.

During a challenge for the ball in the 70th, Andi Wilkinson of Stoke jarred the ball loose from Ronaldo and took him down in the process. This is when it happened, Ronaldo's leg snapped from the ground in a wild lash, seemingly at Wilkinson!

Near after Wilkinson, who misinterpreted the spasm (and has not shown RLS problems), retaliated at No. 7 and was sent off with a second red. The Red Devils went on to win the match.

Wilkinson's sending off was due to a severe misunderstanding. As stated, this is just the latest in the signs of spasms for Ronaldo. Earlier this year, he had another lash while on the ground. Even his hands have shown symptoms with what seemed to be vulgar gestures at Villa Park fans.

A few times there have been glimpses of shaky shoulders and unusual smirks. Some count this off as an attitude problem, but there is no way a player so respectful to officials, opponents, and their fans would 'mock' or 'throw a fit' about tackles and calls!

It is hard to say how long Ronaldo might have been suffering from the problem. Perhaps this is something he has been able to hide in earlier years. Maybe he was able to harness this force for his amazing free kick strikes or use it as a superpower for his multiple quick step-overs.

The only sign noticed of this previous to this season, is in penalty kicks when he sometimes hitches his steps to the ball. Maybe the play of deception on the goalie was really the first overall sign. For football's sake lets hope this is something the miracle of medicine can cure!


** This article is for humor and I am not intending to offend those who have problems with RLS or fans of the No. 7. RLS affects millions; feel free to check out the real cause at **