NBA Free Agency: Best Players on Market Who Nobody's Talking About

Chris CortesCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2011

NBA Free Agency: Best Players on Market Who Nobody's Talking About

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    Free-agency has an abbreviated NBA season this year, and while it is not the star-studded class (pictured above) of 2010, there are still plenty of good players available. Centers Mark Gasol and Nene are most likely at the top of the free-agent class of 2011, but here are the best available players no one is talking about.

Samuel Dalembert

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    Samuel Dalembert has averaged around eight points, eight rebounds and one to two blocked shots his entire career, and last season was no different. 

    Dalembert is not someone who is going to anchor an offense or call for the ball in the post, but he can bang down low and protect the rim. 

    He can probably be had for the mid-level exception and could start on most teams.

Chuck Hayes

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    Chuck Hayes averaged around eight points and eight boards playing an undersized center for the Houston Rockets last year. 

    While Hayes is a bit small to play down low, he bangs with the best of them and works hard each game. 

    He could start or come off the bench for a lot of teams and could help a team who needs someone to do the dirty work down low.  

Kris Humphries

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    While Kris Humphries is technically being talked about, it’s not for what he does on the court, so he makes the list. 

    Kris Humphries quietly had a double-double season last year putting up ten boards and ten points for the Nets playing the 4 spot. 

    Humphries can really help out on the boards and a lot of teams would benefit by adding him to their roster.

Thaddeus Young

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    Thaddeus Young is an athletic small forward for the Philadelphia 76ers and is also a restricted free-agent. 

    While Philly can match any deal for him, it’s unclear what the 76ers' plans are, as Young came off the bench last season. 

    If Philly decides to stick with Evan Turner, Lou Williams and Andre Iguodala as their rotation on the wing, Young could be available in free-agency.

Jason Richardson

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    While it still remains to be seen if Jason Richardson is the star player he used to be, he would be an excellent piece for whichever team selects him. 

    He can shoot the three, defend and finish at the rim.  Richardson could actually be a perfect piece for the Chicago Bulls. 

    He fits a need at the shooting guard position and can provide some offense the Bulls sorely lacked last year. 

    Playing with an athletic point guard like Derrick Rose, Richardson would be provided with a lot of open looks from deep.

Shawne Williams

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    Shawne Williams exceeded expectations last year as the Knicks picked him up right before the season started. 

    Williams played mostly at the 3, but can play the 4 and shot 40 percent from deep last year. 

    Williams is also a good defender and would be a great piece for any team looking for someone to come off the bench and stretch their defense. 

    A team like Miami may want to pursue him as the big three can get Williams the open looks he needs.