Tim Tebow: Why We Wish He Was Dating Lindsey Vonn or Anybody Else

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterDecember 9, 2011

BEAVER CREEK, CO - DECEMBER 07:  Lindsey Vonn emulates Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow as she kneels before taking the podium after winning the women's Super G on the Birds of Prey at the Audi FIS World Cup on December 7, 2011 in Beaver Creek, Colorado.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Like it or not, the entire country is straight up obsessed with Tim Tebow. Unfortunately, that means unending discussion surrounding his quarterbacking abilities and a week's worth of dissection every time he takes the field. That is, every time he takes the field with the Denver Broncos

Tebow and that Broncos defense obviously possess some kind of Rocky Mountain magic. How else can you explain a 7-5 team in the underachieving AFC West dominating headlines for an entire season? 

The Broncos were even dominating headlines when they were 1-4 and Tebow was on the bench; mostly because people wanted to talk about why Tebow was on the bench. 

The media has become a monster that feeds on Tim Tebow news, and since people are sick of discussing the Broncos, the rumors romantically linking Tebow to skier Lindsey Vonn are a welcome change of pace.

The Denver Post reports that Vonn has been spending time with Robby Tebow, Timmy's older brother, who she met at the 2011 ESPY awards. Robby was on hand to see his so-called good friend Lindsey win the World Cup super-G in Colorado. Vonn even "Tebowed" to celebrate her victory. 

All evidence suggests that, if Vonn is dating a Tebow, it's more than likely Robby. However, sensible evidence-based conclusions are lame. The Internet is abuzz with countless stories and people desperately trying to will Tim Tebow into this relationship, all because they don't want to hear about the Broncos anymore. 

I hope that Tim is the Tebow brother dating Vonn, but if he's not, I hope he'll start dating someone soon! It's a matter of national security at this point. The NFL season is nearing its end, which means our steady supply of Tim Tebow is going to be cut off and mass hysteria is going to follow.

Timmy hitting the town during the offseason with a lady on his arm is the only way to prevent that.