Do The Rangers Need Sean Avery?

Ryan McFaddenCorrespondent IDecember 28, 2008

This Rangers team is a throwback to two years ago before they acquired Sean Avery. They’re a vanilla team with no rough edges, no attitude. Their play reflects their lack of personality as a team. They have yet to establish any sort of identity.They’re in a tailspin, everyone is seemingly reaching for answers, explanations and solutions of how to fix the problem. Is Sean Avery once again the answer to the Rangers troubles?

Avery’s problems in Dallas were well documented. The fact of the matter is, Brett Hull should never have brought him into that locker room. Despite his personal feelings about Sean Avery, he would never have been welcome in the Stars room.

The Stars knew full well of Avery’s antics before he even arrived in the Lonestar state. Avery fought captain Brendan Morrow on numerous occasions. Even if Avery was a perfect gentleman, he most likely never would have been a good fit with the Stars.

Unlike the Stars, the Rangers were a perfect fit for Sean Avery. Most of players had never played against him since he was playing in LA.  They never actually had faced his antics, only heard of them.

But is Sean Avery right for this Rangers team?


The Rangers need a guy whose going to play with an attitude. They need someone whose going to get under the opponents' skin. Aaron Voros is suppose to be that player, but he’s no Sean Avery. He might not be readily welcome in the Rangers locker room, but right now they need a spark. Avery provided it once already for the Rangers and it would be a good bet to say he can do it again.