Hockey's 20 Most Awesome Empty-Net Goal Fails

Matthew FairburnCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2011

Hockey's 20 Most Awesome Empty-Net Goal Fails

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    An empty net is enough to put any hockey fan on edge. The idea of leaving the cage unoccupied makes some restless.

    That's due at large to how many things can go terribly wrong when the net is empty. Players screw up and unimaginable goals are scored.

    Things can go the opposite way, however. What a great sight it is to be staring down an empty net as a goal scorer. But that just makes the fall that much harder when the player misses the empty net.

    Let's take a look at some of the worst empty-net fails in hockey history.

Gustav Nyquist

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    Somehow, Gustav Nyquist caught everyone sleeping and had an easy shot at an empty net with the goaltender paying no attention. And then he missed.

Last Ditch Effort

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    While not a traditional empty-net fail, Craig Anderson leaving his cage embarrassingly empty on this play was quite the blunder.

Stars Own Goal

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    That's not exactly what the Stars had in mind when they sent the extra attacker to the ice.

Tyler Bozak Botches One

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    It's a shame when someone makes such a beautiful move, only to screw it up by missing the vacant cage.

P.A. Parenteau's Whammy

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    This goaltender served up a goal on a silver platter for P.A. Parenteau, but he was having none of it.

Glen Wesley

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    Even the old-timers missed the empty net.

Danny Briere Misses

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    Danny Briere is a hell of a goal scorer, but nobody is perfect.

Matt Cooke Misses Twice

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    Matt Cooke is not known for his offensive ability, so maybe it's not a huge surprise that he's on this list. But the fact that he whiffed twice on this play was terrible.

Northern Michigan Own Goal

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    What an epic fail for little known Northern Michigan.

Nicklas Backstrom Own Goal

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    Nicklas Backstrom must have been getting board with scoring at ease on the other team, so he decided to score on his own team.

Celebrating Own Goal

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    It's bad enough to score an own goal, but celebrating it? That's just foolish.

Clarke MacArthur Own Goal

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    This is not how the power play is supposed to work.

Shane O'Brien

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    Shane O'Brien would love to have this one back, especially because he ended up smashing his face into the net.

Ovi with the Save

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    It's always a valiant effort when a skater attempts to defend the empty net, but it's pretty humiliating for the offense not to be able to score in that situation.

Henrik Sedin

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    The Sedins are normally magicians with the puck. Not on this night, however.

He Did What?

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    I have no idea who this guy is, or why he was dekeing on this play. But man, does he look like an idiot.

Russian Fail

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    This was an innocent attempt at an empty-net goal from long distance. However, Canada would end up coming back and making that miss haunt Nikita Klyukin's nightmares.

Nate Thompson

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    Nate Thompson gets the perfect attempt at a wide-open net after a goalie blunder, and he totally duffs the shot.

Craig Smith Roofs It

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    Craig Smith totally roofed it on this one. Too bad it wasn't the roof of the net Smith hit.

Patrick Stefan

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    Patrick Stefen got a little bit lazy, and the results were disastrous. His miss got taken the other way to tie the game in one of the most bizarre endings I have ever seen.