From Alabama to Wyoming: A Piece of American Soccer History Will Be Profiled

Cesar DiazCorrespondent IIDecember 9, 2011

 In my quest to uncover America's soccer history, I will profile all 50 States in 2012.

From Alabama to Wyoming, I will prove that America is indeed a Soccer Nation. Even though our soccer history may not be as colorful as other countries worldwide, it's still ours. 

Based on my findings, I intend to profile a state and write a soccer article on a weekly basis. I may write about a historical match that took place or a team that's no longer in existence. Maybe I'll write about a youth academy, supporters club or a soccer-based nonprofit organization. Who knows?

That's the beauty of this project, other than meeting my weekly deadline, this journey doesn't have to be rigid. Even though I will enjoy this challenge and at times will feel flustered from it, I'm definitely excited about what I'm going to learn. Along with the 50 states, there's also the diversity both nationally and internationally that I will be learning about. 

Obviously I'm not doing anything innovative by taking on this project. I am fully aware that American soccer has been written about before. Along with having respect for our soccer history, I have a huge respect for historians and writers such as Colin Jose, Dave Wangerin, Michael Lewis, Filip Bondy and Paul Gardner.

After a few years of covering soccer, I believe I'm now ready to tackle this project. If anything, I hope to follow the tradition these writers have set for covering American soccer. I've met most of them and I can honestly I've learned a lot from them. 

When I started covering American soccer, I already knew that I wanted to do my part to illuminate this country's soccer history.

American soccer has been good to me; this is my way of saying thanks.


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