Checking The Laundry Special Edition: Bloopers

AndrewCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2017

Here is the long awaited "CTL Special Edition." It's not that "special," but it's part of the "CTL: Bloopers" series we'll publish maybe once every couple of months.

In this edition, Tyler and I take a look at players that, I guess you could say, made a couple of "mistakes."  We'll discuss whether these particular misfortunes were the result of the player's wrongdoing or if it was merely an event that could have happened to anyone. Enjoy!

The Great Debate

Tyler: I guess people Can Make mistakes, sometimes you can understand why, but this? He got the puck at the blue line and was all Oiler tried to stop him, they just said forget it, it’s over. He had all the time he needed and didn’t even need all of it. Stefan could have shot it from the top of the circle and put it in.

I know it might not seem as bad without Hemsky scoring for the Oliers right after that mess up. However the fact is, there was a reason he missed the net six cm in front of him, the puck jumped over his stick, but he didn’t need to walk in all that way just to make the Oliers look like idiots for turning over the puck. You know what they say, What goes around, comes around and in the wise words of Don Cherry “good on ya!”

Andy: First off, you really have to stop quoting Don Cherry, it became a little creepy when you began to quote me on your articles, imagine how Don Cherry feels!

Back to my point, I agree with you that Stefan shouldn’t have been so “cocky,” but remember that this could happen to anyone. Like you said Tyler, the puck bounced. However, there’s a small detail that makes this an accident that could happen to anyone, or just karma. Stefan is left handed. Yes, and from the angle he was coming in on, he would have to backhand it into the net. As you know Tyler, your hand eye coordination isn’t as great on a backhander as on your forehand. I don’t even think Stefan has good hand eye coordination on his forehand.

Tyler: Andy, I’m left handed! I have no problem shooting from the right or left side of the ice. You would know that, if you played hockey. It’s not that hard to turn your stick and body around, especially from the distance he had. As for this, ” As you know Tyler, your hand eye coordination isn’t as great on a backhander as on your forehand.” Yes, mine is, you have no idea what my backhander is like so don’t say “your” as in referring to me, just say “the average.”



Tyler: I remember this, funny as heck. I still to this day am not sure what happened. I mean, how did....I’m not even sure how to explain this, it’s just so weird. What exactly was he trying to pull off? Well, I’m not sure, but I don’t think it worked out. He ended up on his butt in the corner.

All Wideman did was make himself look like an idiot. He tried to pull something off he knew he couldn’t to show off and it backfired. That’s just too damn bad.

Andy: I can see what Dennis Wideman was attempting to do. He did the classic fake, deek, and shoot. However, I think he wanted to add a little touch to it. On the shoot part, I’m not sure if his attempt was to put the puck between his legs and into the net while he faced the other way, or if it was an attempt to push it into the net while he was in the air.

If you look closely though, you’ll notice that he might’ve just slipped. He wasn’t necessarily attempting to do a move, maybe the normal “go around and shoot,” but slipped. The reason some people might think he was trying to pull something off is because he continues to have the puck. If you look closely, by the time he dekes, his back is facing the net, so he might’ve been desperate to turn and shoot, but he can’t go backwards because it’s a shootout. In his attempt to do so, he had to do a turn, but in doing so he put his weight on his back, and as you all know, this can result in a fall. You all know how the humpty dumpy thing goes.

Tyler: Humpty Dumpty? I don't even care what you're balbering on about now. Wideman is a D-man. Why would he not just shoot from somewhere around the hash marks? I'm sure when his coach put him in he wasn't expecting some sort of goal of the year or anything. That's what he tried to do and that is why he failed.

The next time he goes into the shootout, I'll bet you anything he just takes a little wrist shot. It would probably be the smart thing to do. As long as he doesn't go for a big slapper from the point (on the SO), then he won't look like a complete idiot.



Andy: I never understood how this could’ve been an “accident” because he clearly slams the puck into his own net. It isn’t like it tipped off his skate or stick. He literally shoots it into the net.

After the game McCabe claims he was trying to “clear it,” but he shot the puck in the opposite side of the rink, so I never really thought McCabe had a proper excuse for this one.

When I looked over the video, I noticed something I didn’t before. A thought came to me, maybe Brian McCabe was trying to hit the puck into the corner so that it would go up the boards and another Leaf could take it from there. When he turned, notice how he looked into the corner. Also, he hit the post. He didn’t stop the puck and then shoot or clear it, he just one timed it. We all know the problem with one timers, they aren’t very accurate. Also, let’s not forget the pressure on McCabe, it’s OT and the puck’s coming towards you, you’re in front of the net, and there’s a Saber right beside you, who knows how many are coming behind you, you just want to get the puck out of there.

Tyler: He shot the puck into his own friggen net! I can see he was under pressure with it being OT. With my own experience on defense, with three seconds left in overtime, I would think he would have just fallen over on the puck, although it would end up in a possible penalty shot, but who cares. It’s going into a shootout and statistically goalies have the edge on Penalty Shots. At least no one would say he scored on his own net, honestly, being the guy that caused the winning goal because he fell on it in the crease, and it resulted in a penalty shot, is much better than the dumb@$$ who put it in his own overtime!

Andy:You see Tyler, Brian McCabe doesn't even know he's going to score it on his own net. His attempt is to get the puck out of there. Like you said, three seconds left, if he puts it in the corner, by the time the Sabers get it, it's going to a shootout.

Andy: Also check this out!





Andy: I can’t believe he got knocked down by one hit…from Downey. Perhaps it was a hard hit that he wasn’t expecting, it seemed to just knock him “down,” didn’t really knock him “out.”

I’ll admit it, not every hockey player is a fighter. There are some guys that we’ve never seen fight, but there are also those who fight every single game. Maybe if Boulerice was the shy type this might be acceptable. Is he? Notice how he’s the one who’s trying to make Downey flinch with those first two fakes and how he’s the one who took the first big punch. Boulerice is just stupid, he started something he couldn’t even finish. Just like Dennis Wideman did something he couldn’t do, Boulerice should know better.

Tyler: Ahahahahaha, oh my god that was funny. Why did bowl-of-rice take a swing so far away? Did he really think he was gonna hit him, from that distance? All I can say is Downey made Bowl-of-rice look like an idiot and he was. Every movement made him look like a 12-year-old in his first fight, the two little fist pushes and the complete miss when he took a swing.

Andy: Bowl-of-rice? hahaha, I thought of that first! Don't argue with me Tyler, I'm the one who picked out the video, hence I thought of it first before you even knew he existed. Looks like Downey just happened to be carrying chopsticks with him.


Andy: I hope you guys enjoyed our special...wasn't that special, but oh well. Maybe we might get voted for as most comical article? Or me as most comical writer? Whatever happens, Happy Holidays to all! (I know Christmas is over, but New Year's isn't! Party at Tyler's house!)

On a side note, The Leafs This Week schedule got moved, Leafs This Week is going to be playing today at 12:30pm EST (noon-ish, not midnight-ish). Hopefully you guys can tune in. It's a holiday special, and we'll have an interview with Ben Winnett on the show, along with his thoughts on some current evens surrounding the Leafs. Also, we have changed youcastr broadcast pages.

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