Charlie Weis Returns to Kansas City Area 11 Months Later to Coach Jayhawks

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Charlie Weis Returns to Kansas City Area 11 Months Later to Coach Jayhawks
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Charlie Weis left the Kansas City Chiefs in January for the same job, but returns to the area 11 months later for another coaching gig.

Many Kansas City Chiefs fans follow the Kansas Jayhawks. On Thursday, many reports have been filed that the Kansas Jayhawks have hired Charlie Weis as the new head football coach. The University of Kansas confirmed these reports and will introduce Weis as the head coach on Friday.

While Kansas Jayhawks fans should be happy, many of them will also be scratching their heads. Jayhawks fans who are Chiefs fans will not forget about Weis' departure last year after spending only one season with the Chiefs.

Jayhawks fans can't be fully ecstatic for this hire. Did Weis use family reasons as a reason for leaving the Chiefs, instead of taking the time to discuss if there were any issues between himself and Chiefs head coach Todd Haley?

Bob Fescoe of 610 Sports Radio reported that Haley took Weis' play-calling responsibilities away during the wild-card playoff game between the Chiefs and the Ravens. Fescoe's source, however, was a questionable one as it came from a pizza chain where Weis often ate at and got to know the manager. Fescoe refused to give out the name of the chain because it would give them "free advertising."

The report led many people to believe there really were issues between Haley and Weis. Did Weis really leave the Chiefs to join his son at Florida? Perhaps Weis' son could join follow his father to Kansas.

But Chiefs fans still feel they deserve the closure that they never got. How does Weis explain himself on Friday to the media about his situation with the Chiefs?

Furthermore, does this issue still exist with Haley and other offensive assistants today?

Jamie Squire/Getty Images
Bill Muir, who replaced Charlie Weis as the Chiefs offensive coordinator, is not receiving a lot of fan support in Kansas City.

If Weis says he left because of Haley, which is doubtful, fans will understand why he left the way he left. That will give Chiefs fans a lot to think about when looking at the head coach. That does not mean Haley is the wrong guy for the job, but it gives fans the offensive assistants on the Chiefs coaching staff probably don't enjoy working with Haley.

If Weis denies all of these reports about the postseason game against Baltimore, then we need to close the books and move on. In the end, it is all a coincidence. Weis was an offensive coordinator for the Chiefs. Eleven months later, he becomes the head coach of a college team just 40 minutes away from where the Chiefs play. Small world, isn't it?

How he does with the Jayhawks is another story. But seeing him coach the Jayhawks just adds to this story. For those who are more loyal to the Chiefs than the Jayhawks, this move comes off as bittersweet as many people continue to disapprove Bill Muir, Weis' replacement, as the offensive coordinator in Kansas City.

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