Frank Trigg: Fighter, Commentator And Now the Dr. Phil of MMA

Steven MuehlhausenContributor IIIDecember 8, 2011

Disclaimer: This article is graphic in some tones, but this is word for word from the mouth of Frank Trigg.

When hear the name Frank Trigg, you think of the UFC veteran who has fought the likes of Matt Hughes, Matt Serra and Josh Koscheck just to name a few. When thinking of Trigg, you also think of the announcing he does with Michael Schiavello on HDNet.

An expert on women and relationships? That is the last thing you would think of when it comes to any fighter. Trigg isn't most fighters though.

Trigg recently launched a dating and relationship blog for women, which started on and has also been picked up recently by USA Today.

A guy who travels the world commentating events and  doing various different adventures, Trigg explains how he found time to start the blog entitled "Ask Trigg."

My PR girl Melissa Ingram kept hitting me up, and she was like, 'Hey, my friend needs this advice.'

My other friends are coming up to me about dating advice, this friend about their marriage breakups, girlfriend breakups. What was going on, yeah I went through that same thing, too. Jack Bratcher over at, he goes 'Hey, why don't you do a blog on my website?'

He was thinking we could do a MMA blog, and then Melissa cross-checked me saying, 'Why don't we do a relationship blog?' That is something Frank is trying to branch into, and we will go and put this together.

Once it hit, USA Today picked it up the first two weeks it was out. USA Today picked it up as the No. 1 relationship blog, and that was a big deal.

Last week, it didn't get picked up because with the holidays, no one's at work. Most of us are at our computers at work, and that wasn't going because everyone was on vacation, so the next week, hopefully coming out with one and be back as the No. 1 blog for USA Today and see what happens.

It all came about because I have had so much history with women and failing, actually really, with women. That's my No. 1 thing: having to realize why did I fail, why is this thing falling apart, why did this thing not work, or why did this one thing work, why is this thing working for me, what's going on? Just being able to express to my friends, and just turn it into this blog.

With any type of blog like this, you are going to get some weird and confusing stuff from people. Trigg explains the weirdest advice he has been asked.

We haven't done a blog on it yet. I don't think we will at this point. The weirdest thing I've gotten is that, 'Hey, I really want to be tied up, and I'm really into role pay and folk scar play and blindfolds. All that stuff gets me off, and my boyfriend will not. I've tried everything. I bought all the products. I've put all the wrist ties, the ankle ties, all the little scarves, all the blindfolds and all that stuff and had everything available. Told him exactly. Gave him the DVD, gave him everything, and he will just not do what I do. How do I convince this guy to make him want to be this kind of person? To make him want to do this with me.'

And how to approach my boyfriend who wants to have anal sex, but I've never done it before. How do I approach that with him? How to approach getting it together and doing it together.

The two weirdest things that are multiple—not just one person—emailing me that question. Multitudes of people emailing me that question. What to do and how to go about it.

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You can listen to the two-part interview with Frank Trigg here.

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