Sam Bradford and the Urban Legend

Ron StilesCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2008

So far in the 2008 season, no coach as been able to stop Oklahoma's Sam Bradford. Even in the loss to Texas, he was able to rack up 35 points and, with those five touchdowns, quite possibly the Heisman.

After throwing for a NCAA record 36 touchdowns in his freshman year, Bradford has been on a mission. A quest to lead his Sooners to the national Title. His only motto on the year? "I will score."

How has Bradford been able to do this? He is quite possibly the fastest reader of defences in collage football today. To compare the quickness in which he understands defenses along with the tempo in which he runs it, brings to mind the old saying, Don't bring a knife to a gun fight. You might cut the Sooners but first you have to get close first.

Urban Meyer is the latest coach to face the talents of Sam since his loss to Texas, and Quite possibility the best so far.

Like Stoops he is from Ohio and has a defensive background. He also has won a national championship in his second year. He ranks seventh among active coaches with 83.1 percent of games won. He has won, even before arriving to Florida, seven coach of the year awards. Meyer has built all of this around defense.

Coaches that have played Oklahoma this year have constantly stated you can prepare for the speed of the Sooners but you do not comprehend it till you play them.

Meyer has already stated the key to his game is to pressure Bradford.

Bradford has said nothing. Its not his job. He is studying game tape watching for weakness.

Can Meyer bring his defense already prepared to play at the tempo that the Sooners run? And can Urban adjust to it quick enough to slow it down?

Will Sam set the same pace as he used to score 60 points or more in his last games? Can Bradford see through the changes quick enough to pick them apart?

Waiting for Christmas was a cakewalk. Waiting for this game is killing me!