Rampage Jackon KO's Wanderlei Silva!

Matt RandallCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2008

After the worst year in Rampage's career, both in and outside the ring, he has proven many MMA fans wrong.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson can beat Wanderlei Silva.

After watching Rampage get absolutely destroyed in two fantastic knockouts, after seeing the pictures on TMZ of his arrest at gun point, he has finally proven to everyone why he was once one of the most feared MMA fighters in the world. After landing a devastating left hook in the first round, he avenged two painful losses and quite possibly a lot more.

Rampage and UFC President Dana White have stated that the loss to Forrest Griffin and the loss of his belt is was pushed him over the edge. After a car chase that led police through a suburb in California, following the F-150 truck with his face painted on the side, a blown out tire, a few hit and runs, and finally ending with Rampage face down on the pavement with guns drawn from police.

Amazingly, Jackson could focus on the task at hand, knowing that if convicted on all charges he could face a maximum three years in prison. I'm sure knowing that you have been brutally knockout twice by an opponent could help in training. Maybe six a.m. wouldn't seem so early. Maybe the stair runs would seem as high. Weights would seem lighter and sparing parents would seem like mere children.

I am forced to immediately start thinking about who is next to face Rampage. Would Dana want to put him up against the winner of Forrest and Lewis? Maybe the loser? Does he have something up his sleeve? Chuck? Could Anderson Silva jump up a weight class to try and really put a stamp on this division?

Either way, Rampage must be on cloud nine, ready to come into the New Year on the right track. Ready to put the past behind him, as long as the court issue goes away, or at least not a jail sentence, Rampage will be able to look forward and finally forget about Silva.

Should be an interesting 2009.