WWE News: WWE Network, Internet Fans, and the Future of Viewing Pro Wrestling

The CauseContributor IIIDecember 8, 2011

When one thinks of pro wrestling, you think of WWE. Seriously, there is no one in the world who will have wrestling on the mind and think of any one promotion first and foremost. So, that being said, WWE has made it clear that they want to cater to the fans of old, the new age fans, and future ones.

They are hiring so much talent, and literally any wrestler who claims to be a top pro wrestler has crossed paths with WWE or is currently in it today. Even the big names from TNA such as Chris Daniels, AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe all worked WWE matches before they went to TNA.

Only one man has never worked in WWE and is considered one of the best of all time. That would be Sting. But even he cannot escape being involved with WWE and it's new network.

People seem to think that WWE cannot possibly do a network. It would be impossible some say, and there is no real catch on it that makes people want to tune in. But, to me, this is the most exciting new network on TV in 2012.

I, for one, have been hearing that Dish Network and DirecTV will be getting the Network for their subscribers. That would make a large chunk of America happy, seeing as the two satellite companies control over 70 percent of the cable market.

Wrestling fans of all ages will tune in, and as a result companies will want to put it on their programming.

People think that it's only going to be old shows on the channel with some reality programs. This is far and away what the whole network will be about. It's going to involve thousands of shows from WCW, WWE, ECW, NWA, AWA, etc. We know this, but it will also involve every PPV other than the Big Four.

Those Big Four include Summerslam, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, and Wrestlemania. There used to be a big five as WWE's No Way Out PPV was a must see every year in the lead up to Wrestlemania. But after about seven years ago, the buys for the show went down.

This was the reasoning for adding the Elimination Chamber to the show. Of course, it was also renamed to Elimination Chamber a few years back to make that obvious.

At one point, WWE discussed having just the Big Four PPVs on the network, but then after they realized the stupidity of that, they changed their mind and are having all BUT the Big Four.

WWE will also have normal TV shows from what has been said. Will they involve WWE stars? Possibly so.

But will they be solely anchored by one? That is yet to be determined. It's not going to be all about Reality Shows, PPVs, and pro wrestling past, like some think.

Reports have been saying that WWE is going to go as far as adding normal sports programming to the network to draw in non-wrestling fans. They also want to put out made for TV movies, sort of like what Hallmark and Lifetime do. Of course, the shows will most likely not be similar to the shows on those networks as far as the story itself goes.

Adding in shows like one that was reported to be happening a while back involving Santino, are also up for discussion.

Rumors have also stated that FCW will be getting new equipment down in the area, which will make the area a base for some shows. Whether it be on developmental stars, the FCW shows themselves.

Seriously, if you are a Pro Wrestling fan now, or have ever been one, this network is a must see. The possibilities for it are endless.

Now, some have been griping about things such as the person will who be in charge of the entire network, and the hiring of certain programmers, etc. I mean, anything people can say to make it to where they can gripe concerning something has been said.

Others have complained that Vince McMahon in his ever growing impatience wants the network to be done too early.

As has been reported, WWE Network will launch in April, the day of Wrestlemania.

WWE has been known to do big things around Wrestlemania time in the past, such as the purchase of WCW for one.

So this is not a new thing for WWE to be planning to launch one of it's biggest ventures to date on the same day it's flagship PPV will air.

Some think that this will go the route that the XFL did years ago. Keep in mind for those who bring this up, XFL was successful its first year. While it did go down, it started out hot and had terrific ratings. But once it went up against big competition, it was doomed.

Keep in mind, too, that the XFL also changed how football was presented on television. So, it served a major purpose in how we view sports today. So, football fans better thank Vince McMahon some.

Vinny Mac never actually failed with XFL, he just tried to put it up against a major competitor, too early being that of the NBA, NHL, etc. The NFL was in it's off-season as was college football. So yes, while the only football out there was XFL, it was dying against other sports on Television.

When it comes to a network of which he is the like the NFL or NBA to when it comes to his product, he can be successful.

Tell me, what other pro wrestling company has a pulse on pop culture, knows what works and doesn't and has been a fixture on television for over 15 years? Also, what other actual sports/entertainment company really averages what WWE does on a weekly, monthly and yearly scale?

The answer is very few. WWE is the master of what wrestling is and will be in the future. Like it or not, it's the truth. Everything that was once cool in wrestling started because of or by WWE. Everything in this department is all about world wrestling entertainment and as a result, it's created a monopoly that cannot and will never be topped.

This network is a stepping stone to WWE becoming one of the largest entertainment companies ever to exist in American culture.

Seriously, what other network on TV will do exactly what WWE Network will do? Answer is, NONE!

They also want to get not just entertainment, but sports as well on this network from legitimate businesses or areas. I'm sure UConn basketball wouldn't mind exclusive coverage.

WWE will also be involved in a new YouTube initiative. They will have regular, unique programming on their channel which is supposed to be competing with television in 2012. That said, Internet fans will have something big to look at. This could be a massive step for WWE and Internet as a whole, so for WWE to be in on the ground floor is a major deal.

Either way, whether it be through YouTube or WWE Network, WWE will be in homes a lot in 2012. And new shows, new superstars and divas, new programming, etc. All things WWE will do next year.

Fans will have no choice but to want the network, want to subscribe to WWE's channel on YouTube, and simply be excited about something again for the first time in a long time.

I as a fan and am excited.

What about you? Tell me what you think about WWE's new step into the future and what you feel will become of it.