WWE Fantasy: Friday Night SmackDown, Dec. 9

Kevin BergeFeatured ColumnistDecember 8, 2011

WWE Fantasy: Friday Night SmackDown, Dec. 9

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    This is the eigth edition of Fantasy Friday Night SmackDown.

    For those who are not up to date yet, check out the seventh episode here.

    For those further behind, I will post a full list of episodes at the end of the article to help those who missed a week.

    Raw got back on track this week, so you can check that out here.

    Remember to rate the show at the end out of 10, e.g. "8/10," as this is a competition between SmackDown (Kevin Berge) vs. Raw (Will Owen). Also, there will be voting details at the end of the show that pertain to the next Fantasy PPV.

    Now, on to the show.

    The intro rolls, then we are treated to a recap for last week's.

    Ziggler is out promo-ing on the WWE Champion and John Cena when Cole comes out to tell him that he has a match against Punk later in the night, but he will never get a WWE Title shot.

    Punk and Ziggler fight in quick highlights until both are down. Miz runs in and takes out Punk.

    As Ziggler walks away in disgust, Miz destroys Punk bloodying him pretty badly.

    Punk is shown laid out and then the camera pans in on Miz's cold face. Green Day then plays.

Match 1: Christian (c) vs. Justin Gabriel for the Cruiserweight Championship

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    Pyros flash. The show begins, and we are greeted by the music of Justin Gabriel coming down to the ring for this opening title match.

    He looks focused and determined, not even taking the time to play to the audience, even though they give him a good reaction.

    Matt Striker: "Getting right down to the action this week, I like it.

    Josh Matthews: "This is a huge title match that we were first given as opener to a phenomenal Survivor Series. I can't wait to see the return match between these two."

    Striker: "Well, you won't be waiting long."

    Christian hits the ring with the crowd in Jacksonville taking the chance to give Christian a piece of their minds with a mostly negative reaction.

    He smirks as he makes his way down to the ring with the Cruiserweight Championship around his waist. He motions to the title both to the audience and then to Gabriel as he entered the ring.

    The referee takes the belt and lifts it high so the audience know what it is at the stake. Then the bell rings.

    The two feel each other out, dancing around the ring. Gabriel threatens kicks every time Christian attempts to close the gap.

    After one close kick, Christian bails from the ring, smirking at Gabriel. As Christian tries to re-enter though Gabriel hits a baseball slide to Christian, causing him to go falling back. Gabriel begins to pounding on Christian.

    Gabriel lets go of Christian for a second as they get close to the steel ring post. He steps back and then launches himself at Christian, only to get caught. Christian then slams Gabriel hard onto the steel post with a released belly to belly suplex.

    Christian pulls a hurt Gabriel into the ring and covers for two. He then plays to the crowd while Gabriel tries to rise. As Christian turns back around, Gabriel kicks his hard with an enzuigiri. He then hits Christian with a hurricanrana and arm drag the two time Christian tries to rise.

    Gabriel then locks in the Koji clutch on Christian. Christian is in pain as Gabriel keep on the pressure. Christian probably lasts through the move for a full minute before making it to the ropes.

    Gabriel backs up and gets ready for a big move on Christian as he rises. When Christian does get to his feet, Gabriel bounces off the ropes for a running crossbody only for Christian to grab him and straddle him on the ropes.

    Christian then taunts and hits a running kick to the skull on Gabriel who falls to the outside. Christian follows and begins beating down on the high flier. He whips hard into the barricade. The assault continues as the referee reaches a count of seven.

    Gabriel suddenly reverses an implant DDT attempt into a quick spin-out powerbomb. 8. Gabriel tries to drag Christain back into the ring. 9. He succeeds and quickly slides in, but he only gets a two count when he covers.

    He sees that Christian is still prone so he makes his way to the top rope. He signals for the 450 Splash, but Christian sees it and straddles Gabriel on the top. Christian goes to the top rope hits a super hurricanrana.

    He then taunts as though he is going to hit the 450, but he only goes for a frog splash which he hits.

    He covers for two and a half and is frustrated. He calls for the Killswitch, but he gets blocked when Gabriel rises. Gabriel hits an STO and goes back to the top rope. This time as he executes the move, Christian gets his knees up. Gabriel lands badly on the knees.

    Christian then hits the Killswitch and gets the three count.

    Tony Chimel: "Your winner and still Cruiserweight Champion, Christian."

    Christian is going crazy as he grabs his title and taunts Gabriel. He waves the title over his head and then goes to the top of a turnbuckle.

    As he celebrates, Gabriel gets to his feet and holds out his hand to the victorious champion. Christian gives him the cold shoulder which causes Gabriel to hit a spinning heel kick sending him to the outside.

    The two stare down as Christian makes his way to the back, and we head to commercial break.

Backstage Segment: Sin Cara Azul

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    Sin Cara Azul is heading around backstage when Jack Korpela meets up with him.

    Korpela: "Sin Cara, I'm just looking for thoughts on the attacks you have suffered lately from your black masked counterpart. I don't speak Spanish, but we will have translations for the audience.

    Azul: "¿Cuáles son mis pensamientos? Este impostor no es un hombre. Es un criminal, un miserable. Estoy Sin Cara, y no voy a ser detenido por un hombre enmascarado simple. Estoy aquí para quedarse. ¿Comprendes?"

    Translation: "What are my thoughts? This imposter is no man. He is a criminal, a wretch. I am Sin Cara, and I will not be stopped by a mere masked man. I am here to stay. Do you understand?"

    Suddenly from behind, Sin Cara Negro takes Azul out with an axe handle, driving him to the floor. He grabs Sin Cara and throws him into a nearby wall. He kicks at him and then removes Sin Cara's mask.

    Negro grabs the mic from Korpela.

    Negro: "La máscara, es un tesoro, ¿no? Crea misterio, el poder, incluso le da un sentido de origen místico. Estoy Sin Cara, ya que ningún hombre es mejor que yo. The mask, it is a treasure, is it not? It creates mystery, power, even gives one a sense of mystical origin. I am Sin Cara, for no man is better than me."

    Negro walks away staring straight at the mask as Sin Cara tries to rise but hide his face from the camera.

Match 2: Maryse vs. AJ

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    We return with SmackDown's newest signed diva, AJ, making her way to the ring. As she does the commentators recap what has been going on with the division for weeks now.

    Matthews: "These abductions and attacks are just frightening."

    Striker: "It is hard to remember another time that the division has ever been in this much disarray."

    Maryse hits the ring, but she has a mic in hand.

    Maryse: "Look, I have had enough of this. We have had the same result every time one of us wrestles. Is there any point fighting this match tonight? Whoever is doing all this is certainly not going to let proceedings go on."

    AJ is motioning to Maryse to fight, looking focused as if unafraid of what has been happening over the past few weeks.

    Maryse: "You don't seem to understand. Our match won't be longer than a minute before we are assaulted by whoever is back there. However, perhaps beating down on you will give me the clarity I'm looking for in this mess."

    Maryse gets into the ring and drops the mic. The bell rings, and the two lock up.

    Maryse tries to use her size to her advantage, but AJ sweeps her legs. AJ then gets Maryse in a headlock which she turns through into an armbar. She cannot keep the larger Maryse down though who gets momentum.

    Maryse fights out with AJ getting in a hard kick to the midsection on Maryse. She puts her in position for what looks like the Sliced Bread #2 only for Maryse to throw her into the corner and then grab AJ on the rebound hitting a Russian Leg Sweep.

    Maryse covers for a two count. She then goes right to work putting AJ down. She pressures her to the ground and applies a modified figure four leglock. AJ struggles for about a minute before making it to the ropes.

    As Maryse tries to grab AJ, AJ hits a sharp kick and hits a series of arm drags. She goes to the top rope for a missile dropkick, but Maryse catches her before she can leap, taking her down and off the top to the mat.

    She then sets up her DDT, but the lights go out. They stay out with no sound for about ten seconds, and they turn back on. Maryse had let go of AJ ready for an attack, but nothing came.

    AJ rolls up a confused Maryse and scores the three count!

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this match, AJ."

    Maryse is beside herself when suddenly the lights go out. This time, there is a scream from Maryse who is laid out when we return along with AJ. The banner this time draped over Maryse says GAME OVER. No one is sure what to make of the whole situation.

Backstage Segment: Santino Marella

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    We are back and backstage with Santino Marella who is in his locker room. He has taped up ribs from the previous week where he was assaulted by Christian.

    Santino seems to be talking to him self.

    Santino: "I don'ts understand this. I go out there each week, and I beats all the oncomers. But I have never seen the Cobra fail. It doesn't make the cents. How could it not work?"

    A knock at Santino's locker room can be heard, and he tells the person to come in. It is Big Show.

    Show: "Look, Santino. I watched last week, and I just wanted to say that what happened out there after the match... shouldn't have happened. I will be at your back next time."

    Santino: "The Big Shows, you are very polite to offer your help, but the bottom lines are that I cannot wrestle anymore, not without the Cobra. It was, shall we say, my ace in a hole."

    Show: "Look, you're a funny guy, Santino, but you don't know the first thing about being a serious champion. The Cobra is not exactly..."

    Santino: "Are you saying you might know the secret that will change all my fortunes?"

    Show: "Look, I know you're in no shape to wrestle this week, but I want to help you realize you potential as a performer. Starting next week, you are going to grow from being a Cobra to being... a grizzly bear."

    Santino: "That is... interesting. As a former World Champion, you must know a thing or two about being powerful. In no time, perhaps I could be a World Champion if only my Cobra worked again."

    Show: "Don't worry, Santino. You'll be a threat in no time."

Match 3: Ted Dibiase vs. Kofi Kingston

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    We turn to the ring with Kofi Kingston entering. He has the crowd excited, and Evan Bourne is at his side. They make their way quickly into the ring for Kofi's match.

    As Jack Swagger and Ted Dibiase enter the arena, Jimmy Uso is at their side with a microphone.

    Uso: "Look, 'Air Boom'. Swagger and Dibiase here have beaten you not once, not twice, but three times now. This next match is only a formality at this point as I have spoken with Michael Cole about our title match we deserve. We are getting it at Night of Champion in two weeks.

    "Unlike all the other matches though, my team here doesn't need the public influencing our contest, so you will face Swagger and Dibiase without anything to stop us."

    The team makes their way down to the ring with Dibiase entering the ring. He smiles with a cocky grin and then stares down Kofi until the bell rings.

    Ted Dibiase backs off as Kofi tries to lock up. He taunts him until an enraged Kofi goes for the Trouble in Paradise which Dibiase barely ducks. He gets in behind Kofi and slams him hard with a clothesline.

    As the team members look on pulling for their partner in the ring, Dibiase works over Kofi. He mainly working on the leg of Kofi with a half Boston crab and then some vicious takedowns. As he goes for his fist drops though, the pace finally shifts as Kofi kicks Dibiase in the face as he falls.

    As he reels backs, Kofi hits a big flapjack into a European uppercut. Dibiase falls into the corner with Kofi going right at him with a Koronco buster followed by a series of punches before the referee pulls Kofi off threatening to disqualify him.

    Dibiase tries to get up with brawling with Dibaise only for Dibiase to whip Kofi into the corner. As he runs at Kofi though, Kofi turns the move into a pendulum kick. As Dibiase falls, Kofi goes to the top rope for his diving crossbody.

    Dibiase, knowing where he is, ducks out of the ring over by Swagger. Kofi frustrated that he couldn't hit it in the ring hits the crossbody to the outside taking down both Dibiase and Swagger.

    Jimmy Uso can be seen at ringside fuming over the scene. Bourne runs over to help his partner up. Eventually, Kofi gets in the ring, taking Dibiase with him. Bourne and Swagger stare down on the outside.

    Kofi goes for the pin, but he gets only two. He calls for Trouble in Paradise with Swagger pulling a cheap shot on Bourne on the outside. This distracts Kofi who misses that Dibiase has risen for an extra few seconds.

    When Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise, Dibiase ducks and gets the positioning for Dream Street locked in. He then hits it and covers for three.

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this match, Ted Dibiase."

    Dibiase and Swagger celebrate in the ring with Kofi and Bourne on the outside holding their heads in pain. Jimmy Uso holds both their hands up as we go to commercial break.

In Ring Segment: Curt Hawkins

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    We return to see Curt Hawkins entering the arena. He has a confident persona about him even with his two straight losses to Ryder. He grabs a mic and heads into the ring.

    Striker: "Breaking news folks: Michael Cole has just declared that the WWE Cruiserweight Championship will be defended again at Night of Champions this time against an opponent of the WWE Universe's choosing."

    Matthews: "Wow, if the match is anything like our opening contest, I will be enthralled from start to finish."

    Hawkins is in the ring, and the commentators stop talking as Hawkins starts.

    Hawkins: "Look, I know that not all of you know me which is a shame when you are looking out at a four year veteran who still has even gotten close to reaching his peak. Curt Hawkins is a name that will live in infamy sooner than you think."

    A "we want Ryder" chant breaks out in the crowd. Hawkins gets frustrated but goes on.

    Hawkins: "I am the best talent here. Nobody's better. The only reason I'm not on TV is because WWE is scared of what I can do. Understand that!"

    The chants get louder overpowering some of his words. He stops for a second and then fires back at the crowd.

    Hawkins: "Oh, you want Ryder. You want someone to prance around like a fool and pump his fist in the air. You want some random star who rode my coattails for years to come out here, spike his hair, and steal a line from the great Nature Boy himself?"

    A cheer goes over the crowd as Zack Ryder goes out on the entrance ramp to his music. He has a mic.

    Ryder: "Bro! What is up with up with you lately? We used to be broskis. Now, you're so bitter. Just going on about me, about the company. Seriously, you need to relax."

    Hawkins: "I need to relax? You come out here each week, looking like a fool, while I see in the back, watching the time I should have on stage fade away. Can you seriously keep doing this? Are you so ingrained in this 'gimmick' that you have to say that stupid catchphrases?"

    Ryder: "I..."

    Hawkins: "No, I didn't say you could talk. Look, Zack, you've beaten me twice, and I've given up on recruiting you to join me again. So, I talked with Cole, and he has signed a new star to the SmackDown roster. You might know him."

    Hawkins stops talking and stands back. Ryder on the entrance ramp is confused. He starts looking around as the crowd begins to boo, and a man comes out from the back and nails Ryder.

    It is Tyler Reks, and he is absolutely merciless as he assaults Ryder on the steel. He pulls Ryder to the top of the ramp and picks him up. He nails Ryder with the Burning Hammer on the base of the entrance area.

    Hawkins walks up the ramp and stands next to Reks and over Ryder. He looks down and puts the mic to his face on last time.

    Hawkins: "Woo... woo... woo, you know it!"

    The two stand tall as the crowd boos, and we go to commercial break.

Match 4: John Morrison vs. Heath Slater

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    As we return, Heath Slater is in the ring, ready and focused until John Morrison hits the ring. The slow motion entrance is interrupted when Cody Rhodes runs in and attacks Morrison. He lays him out with an axe handle and then beats on him.

    Quickly, he drags Morrison toward the ring where Rhodes throws Morrison into the barricade then into the ring. As Morrison slowly makes his way back to his feet, Rhodes makes his way over to the commentary table.

    The referee is checking on Morrison who tells the ref to ring the bell. He does, and the match begins with Slater in complete control from the outset. As works over a hurt Morrison, Rhodes talks with the commentary booth.

    Matthews: "Cody, what was that about? Why would you attack Morrison like that?"

    Rhodes: "Josh, Josh, Josh, your inane questions hurt. I can feel myself getting dumber just talking to you. I am out here to scout out my competition. My 'attack' on him is a test. Last week, he decided to come out here and ruin the commentary for my match.

    "He should feel honored that I would come out here and help raise the commentary of his otherwise mundane and boring match."

    Matthews: "Are you scared of Morrison?"

    Rhodes: "Did I say I was scared? You know what, Josh, I'll answer this one, but, after that, you need just stop talking and watch the match. I went to Michael Cole himself, and we agreed to give the great John Morrison a title match against me.

    "Does that sound like fear? In fact, I don't care what kind of match it is, so I left Cole to decide that. As I understand it, he has the 'public' deciding. Luckily, even their ugly ineptitude cannot take me down."

    Morrison is fighting back finally with a few strong punches and then a strong clothesline. Taken down, Slater is in perfect position for a standing shooting star press by Morrison for a two count.

    Morrison then hits a diving crossbody, but he tweaks his leg on the fall which causes a slow cover for only two. As he tries to keep control, Morrison goes for a Russian legsweep only to get caught for a sitout suplex slam.

    The pinfall is only for two and the action continues back and forth as Rhodes keeps talking but only with Striker.

    Striker: "So, Cody, watching this match do you even give Morrison a chance against you in nine days?"

    Rhodes: "Maybe if I injure myself in the coming week, but full strength I will never lose this Intercontinental Championship to anyone. ...Wow, look at that."

    Morrison has reversed a DDT attempt into a spinning heel kick. Morrison then hits the Flying Chuck.

    Rhodes stands up as Morrison motions straight toward Rhodes then Morrison sets up and executes Starship Pain. The three count is academic.

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this match, John Morrison."

    He and Rhodes stare down as we head to commercial break.

Match 5: Daniel Bryan vs. ?

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    We return to get the entrance of Daniel Bryan. He makes his way to the ring, putting his MitB briefcase down, and grabs a mic only to be met by the scolding words of Kurt Angle on the entrance ramp.

    Angle: "Look, Daniel, I was pleasantly surprised last week. You adapted to the situation, and I hope that carries through for you in future matches. Now, I know that you have finally recovered from the ankle injury I gave you a month ago, and I think you're ready for a real challenge."

    Bryan: "Wait! Why I am doing this? How do even get the power to book matches like this? Originally, this was about getting my second chance against you, but what do I have to gain from any of this?"

    Angle: "Look, you are lucky to be booked by me lately rather than Cole. You know that's true. Plus, you know, deep down inside, that you want to prove yourself. You want to show the world that you are deserving of being a World Champion when the time comes. I am simply helping you along."

    Bryan: "Fine, I'll go along with you for this week. What's your... challenge?"

    Angle: "Tonight, I want to see more of what I saw in our match. I want to see that you can overcome adversity, and you can handle losing. Tonight, you face two men in a handicap match, and I don't expect you to win. What I expect you to do is show that being the best isn't always about winning."

    Bryan looks a little frustrated at Angle's trap match when Alberto Del Rio hits the ring in a red 2012 Maserati Granturismo, and he looks as confident as ever.

    He enters the ring as we wait for the second man to make his presence felt. Suddenly, new music hits ("Asylum" by Disturbed), and Brodus Clay comes out.

    Striker: "Brodus Clay, a monster of a man. From what I understand, he was signed with Friday Night SmackDown this past week in a huge group of signing orchestrated by both brands. This is not a good sign for Bryan."

    Clay makes his way down to the ring, intense, focused, and a bit cocky. He barely notices Del Rio, his former boss/mentor. He just looks straight at his "prey", Daniel Bryan.

    Bryan and Clay start the match.

    Bryan tries to get some offense in with some quick kicks. He even causes the strong monster to stumble with a dropkick to the knee, but, when he tries to hit a running knee bouncing off the ropes, Clay catches him with a monstrous clothesline.

    Clay then goes right to work on Bryan uses Bryan's size to Clay's advantage. Clay throws him around and then hits a big elbow drop. He doesn't even cover as he pounds on Bryan. He pulls him into the corner and runs a hip attack only for Bryan to roll out of the way.

    He then bolts to the top rope where he hits a slightly dazed Clay with a perfect missile dropkick, causing Clay to fall through the ropes to the outside. As Clay gets back on his feet, Bryan launches at him with a springboard suicide senton.

    Bryan gets up and kicks at the prone Clay forgetting that there is another man in the match as Del Rio comes from behind with a clothesline. Bryan is prone as Del Rio throws him arm first into the corner steel.

    Del Rio rolls Bryan back into the ring with a recovered Clay following suit. Clay uses Bryan as a punching bag with a variety of strong headbutts to the chest. He then tags in Del Rio who happily runs into the match.

    Del Rio waits for Bryan to rise and hits two German suplexes, one bridging then one released. He then works over Bryan's arm with an armbar.

    Bryan seems to be fading as the pain begins to get to him, but he gets to the ropes. He then reverses a charge by Del Rio into a strong kick and a cravate suplex for two. We go to commercial break with both men trying to get to their feet.

Daniel Bryan vs. Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay Continued

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    As we return, Bryan has an advantage as he uses a few strong suplexes and then applies a brutal Indian deathlock. After about thirty seconds, Clay has had enough and runs in, breaking up the hold. He hits a slow but powerful snap suplex on Bryan then leaves the ring.

    Del Rio gets up and tries to cover Bryan but only gets two. He waits for Bryan to rise, and he hits a shining wizard. Then he pulls Bryan to his feet and snaps on the Cross Armbreaker. Angle can be seen on the outside looking on with precision and focus. He has not visible emotion.

    Bryan makes it to the ropes after a minute where it seemed almost sure he would tap. Then, as Del Rio tries to pull Bryan back into the center of the ring, Bryan reverses the grab into a roll up for two then transitions into the LaBell Lock.

    The crowd goes wild, and Angle seems to look amused if not impressed by Bryan. Del Rio crawls for the ropes, but Bryan pulls him right back into center of the ring. Right as Del Rio looks ready to tap, Clay comes in again, breaking the hold.

    He takes Del Rio and pulls him over to the corner, tagging himself in. Bryan is sitting down on the ground and looks up at this monster in Clay. He is not sure how he can beat the fresh Clay.

    Clay ravages Bryan with a falling powerslam and an exploder suplex. After a scoop slam, Clay goes for the three count; however, just as the referee is about to hit for three, Clay pulls Bryan's shoulders up with a grin that gets a huge negative reaction from the crowd.

    Angle, obviously annoyed by Clay's refusal to end the match without hurting Bryan more, starts making his way down to the ring. Clay take Bryan up tries to hit a powerslam again, but Bryan reverses it into a Guillotine choke.

    Clay looks to be fading from the move and falls to his feet with Bryan turning the move into the LaBell Lock. Angle looks on in amazement at Bryan's perseverance. However, Clay makes it to the ropes, and Bryan lets out a sigh that shows how tired he truly is.

    Bryan cannot make it to his feet before Clay who picks up Bryan and hits a perfect fisherman buster and with much less confidence gets the three count.

    Tony Chimel: "The winners of this match, the team of Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay."

    Angle comes in to the ring and wards off both men. He helps Bryan to his feet and helps him walk to the back. A tired Bryan looks confused but thankful.

Main Event: The Miz Speaks out

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    We return, and the announcers are not sure what to make of it all. In their shock, they barely get a word in before The Miz hits the ring.

    He has his personalized mic in hand with the W turned upside down, and he looks absolutely focused, completely oblivious to the vicious heat he gets from the crowd. He just gets in the ring and begins.

    The Miz: "Do you know how long I have been in this business? Five years! Five long years that I had to prove to everyone in that locker room that I deserved to be here. No one questioned all the other stars that fell by the wayside.

    "No one questioned MVP, Matt Hardy, Funaki, Nunzio. They all just questioned why I was there. After every title win, I was called a fluke. I am a five time tag team champion! I am a two time United States Champion! And most importantly, I am the most must see WWE Champion in history.

    "But, over the past few weeks, everyone seems to be forgetting that. Nobody cares about Cena or especially Dolph Ziggler. You should all be clambering to see me as WWE Champion. CM Punk is a disgrace to that title, and I did the right thing last week by putting him down.

    "Like a dog, I made my point clear. I destroyed and bloodied Punk because, quite simply, I want him to forfeit the title to me. As a man of the company, he should know that it is best for business that I be champion, so Punk... I know you're not here tonight because I hurt you too bad.

    "However, there doesn't even need to be a match. As soon as you are back on your feet, you should hand me the title that should be mine."

    Dolph Ziggler hits the arena and gets a mixed reaction as many are happy to see anyone interrupt Miz. He has a mic in hand and barely is in view before he begins talking.

    Ziggler: "Miz, have you ever considered that you just aren't the right man for the job? If I remember correctly, the last time you tried to win the WWE Title, you lost to Punk without even making it to the main event final match.

    "Now, Cole may say that he will never give me a title shot, but I think if I shut up the man he cheerleads for that he will have no choice but to grant me what I want. A one on one match against Cena followed by a WWE Title match at Night of Champions."

    Miz: "You're priorities aren't even straight. We have an anathema as WWE champion, and you still need to 'prove yourself'. That is not how a true company man should act. That's not even how a true wrestler should act. I'm not preoccupied with silly notions of beating up the 'face' of the company.

    "Because I am the face of this company. Now, I am not out here to campaign against you. I am here to tell Punk that he needs to give me my belt; otherwise, I'll beat it off of him."

    Michael Cole: "Can I have your attention, please?"

    Cole comes out to major heat as Miz and Ziggler look on.

    Cole: "This driveling between you two is pointless. Miz, you proved last week that you are, as you claim, the best in this company. I will be giving you a title match at Night of Champions against Punk in a match that the WWE Universe will decide upon.

    "Regardless of their choice, I have full confidence that you will end this painful but brief reign of terror by Punk. Ziggler, I made things clear to you last week. Show me respect or you will never get anywhere. You want Cena? Talk to him. You can brawl in the streets if you want but not on my watch."

Main Event Continued

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    The crowd, just waiting for Cole to stop talking, goes crazy as CM Punk hits the ring. He is bandaged up on his ribs and head, but he still looks determined. He has a bag in hand.

    Cole: "What are you doing here? Get out of my arena! You may be champion, but I will not have you disrespecting me."

    Punk: "Cole, don't worry, I'm not here to do anything to you. I just wanted to let the world know that the era of Punk is just beginning. Now, while I was rehabilitating, I went to WWE Headquarters and demanded a change.

    "And I got it. I'm not talking about next Sunday. I will go into that match and leave WWE Champion. I am talking about a change to my belt. As you all know, Cena, when he first became WWE Champion, changed the belt to his liking.

    "I have done the same. Only my choice was a more classic scheme. I introduce to you the new, or maybe I should say vintage, WWE Championship."

    He opens the bag to reveal the old Winged Eagle WWE Championship. The crowd goes wild as Punk slings it across his shoulder. Cole looks furious, and the Miz looks a bit frustrated as well.

    Cole: "You went behind my back and changed my WWE Championship? This will not stand! Do you understand me? I am the one who orders belts to be modified."

    Punk: "Well, not this time I guess."

    Miz had been making his way up the ramp during this time, and he goes for an attack on the injured Punk. He grabs him and throws him onto the ground. Punk hits hard on his injured ribcage. He is in pain. Ziggler looks on in the ring not sure what to do.

    Cole is cheering Miz on as Miz looks ready to throw Punk off the side of the entrance area. Suddenly, John Cena's music hits, and he runs in. He beats down on Miz and helps Punk up to his feet.

    Cena grabs the title which had fallen to the floor during the attack. He looks down at it as if contemplating what to do with the title that replaced his. He ends giving it to the champion and raising Punk's hand.

    Ziggler can be seen in the ring, smiling. The chaotic scene has Miz and Cole reeling, and the show ends with a close up on the new WWE Championship.

Promo: A Message

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    As the show seems to end, the video goes fuzzy with the Straightedge sign of Punk on the screen only in black and red.

    Flashes go over the screen of Punk's many moments and promos in WWE.

    Piecing together a message in the madness is difficult until it all goes black.

    Then numbers come up on the screen in slow succession.




    A scrambled voice can be heard, and it says, "Enlightenment is coming. Only time is in its way."

    The voice pauses then says, "CM Punk, (echo) Punk, (echo) Punk. Do you hear me? (echo) Do you hear me?"

    Then the show truly ends.

And the Credits Roll!

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    And that's the end.

    Tune in next week for the lead in show of Friday Night SmackDown for the next pay-per-view, Fantasy Night of Champions (official schedule here). There will be fireworks, and perhaps a few surprises on the road to the next PPV.

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    Christian © vs. Chosen Opponent for the Cruiserweight Championship:

    a. Justin Gabriel

    b. Sin Cara Azul

    c. Zack Ryder

    d. Mystery Opponent

    Cody Rhodes © vs. John Morrison for Intercontinental Championship with Chosen Stipulation:

    a. Ladder Match

    b. Standard Match, There Must Be a Winner

    c. Falls Count Anywhere

    d. Tables Match

    CM Punk © vs. The Miz for the WWE Championship with Chosen Stipulation:

    a. Last Man Standing

    b. First Blood,

    c. No Holds Barred

    d. Steel Cage Match.

    If you enjoyed the show, keep a watchful eye for the show each Thursday night at 7:00 p.m., their official release time.

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