The Big East and Boise State: Why Geography Is Not That Important

Martin Sondermann@@GamedayreporterAnalyst IIDecember 8, 2011

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In this day of modern travel, geography doesn't matter much in college football.

The Broncos will have eight Big East game per year, five in division and three crossover games.

This means that BSU will be able to schedule four non-conference games per year, and you can bet they will be regional. 

Teams like Washington, Washington State, Idaho, Nevada, Fresno State, Oregon, Oregon State and BYU would be ideal.  Boise State already has BYU scheduled home-at-home until 2023.

This would mean that Broncos would only have four away games in the Big East, and two of those will probably be in the states of Texas and California. 

Here would be an example schedule for Boise State in 2013:

*Conference Games

Boise State @ Washington (already on the schedule)

Boise State vs Fresno State

Boise State @ BYU (already on the schedule)

Boise State vs Idaho

Boise State @ San Diego State*

Boise State @ Cincinnati*

Boise State vs UConn*

Boise State @ SMU*

Boise State vs Louisville*

Boise State @ Rutgers*

Boise State vs Air Force* (or whatever team is added)

Boise State vs Houston*

As you can see, this is not a taxing travel schedule.  Boise State traveled this much or even more as a member of the WAC.