The Character Called John Cena

Sid DContributor IDecember 8, 2011

John Cena is currently the hottest character in pro wrestling. Never before has any character gained so much of love and fan support, at the same time of having constantly attracted hatred from an equally large group of viewers. It’s like half the world loves John Cena while the other half hates his very existence.

John Cena is a character who wears his colors with pride. Entering in 2002, today he is our 12-time WWE World Champion. The character began as a rebellious, non staus-quo following, lying and cheating rapper. He made his own poetry, wore his own kind of T-shirts and formed his own Chain-gang.

In that character, even his wrestling style in the ring looked unique. The Doctor of Thugonomics was a defiant fighter, with his own strengths and weaknesses, easy for the audience to relate to.

After becoming the WWE champion in 2005, the character was made to be exactly the opposite of what it was earlier. For some reason apparently unknown, the company decided to build an appeal for audience below puberty age. Suiting for the role, the champ was just there.

First of all, Cena gave up his way of talking like a thug. The character just got educated and started talking straight. My God, then he stopped wearing his CHAIN, which used to be the symbol of his identity. And then, slowly, he even stopped losing.

Cena now wore Hustle, Loyalty and Respect. The character was now a never giving up soldier who always won, because he was a better man in life than his opponents. The new Cenation was all about a hypothetical good-guy who will always choose to do what’s right. There were no more weaknesses in him, no more remaining a defiant fighter, but a Superman every kid wanted to be like and every girl wanted to marry.

From 2005 to 2011, he faced legends like HBK and HHH, fellows like Orton and Edge, and newcomers like Miz and Truth. Within time, it stopped mattering who he faced because every-time the story was all the same. From JBL in 2005 to Batista in 2010, even his WrestleMania storyline simply refused to change. Winning against extraordinary odds day after day, the man behind the character gradually lost everything he had to offer.

The WWE succeeded in getting back the younger viewers, but lost the unity of the entire audience's views towards Cena. Women and children started loving him to the ends of the earth, while men despised him.

As the man continues to wrestle, the journey of his character sure brings wonder. WWE Writers must see that a character without weaknesses never evolves. A superman, though attractive, can never be related to. I personally believe he is in for a big change, in coming months.

At the end of the day, no matter what his character goes through, the man named John Cena absolutely remains one of the very best the WWE ever offered.