Bugeatersteve's NCAA Division I Bottom Ten Ranking

Bugeatersteve StuchlikCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2008

The following is my final rankings that I ran for another website all year long. In fact this was my second season running my bottom five, which I felt was an equally deserving article along with the ranking of the better teams of the land.

So without further ado, here are my final rankings for the 2008 season. Since there is no "Loser" Bowl for them to play in, I always do a ten spot for the final week, so you can see where your favorite team may have finished.

The number in parenthesis is the team's ranking going into the final week of play.

No. 10—Eastern Michigan Sparrows— At 3-9, they finished up the season with a win against Central Michigan to rise/fall to the tenth spot.

No. 9—Idaho Vandals—Finished this season 2-10 with an impressive 49-17 defeat to Hawaii. They have spent time in the bottom five this season as well as last, so look for them again in 2009.

No. 8—Michigan—Finished their worse season in God only knows when at 3-9 with a humiliating 42-7 whooping to rival Ohio State. Never did I imagine that Michigan, the all-time winningest program in college football history, legitimately making my bottom 10 list. But here they are and who can really argue with their placement.

No. 7—New Mexico State Maggies—At 3-9, they closed out their season last Saturday with senior day in Utah against Utah State who was an impressive 3-8 themselves. New Mexico earned this spot with an impressive 47-2 smacking.

No. 6 (5)—San Diego State Ass-techs—Okay, they dropped out of the bottom five with an upset 42-21 win against UNLV to finish up their season at 2-10. Still an impressive season.

No. 5 (6)—Iowa State blows—Wrapped up a fine 2-10 season with a 38-30 loss to fellow Big 12 loser Kansas State. Iowa State made the game close by scoring the final "oh by the way" touchdown as time ran out to close within 8.

No. 4 (3)—Washington State kitties—Now 2-10, their season finished up with a win against conference and in-state rival Washington.  

No. 3 (4)—North Texas State gang green—Lost a barn burner to Arkansas State 33-28 to finish up the season 1-11. For the season, the gang that is green gave up an NCAA worse 48 points per game.

No. 2 (2)—SMU ponies— At 1-11, a loss to Southern Mississippi 28-12 to finished up second worst in the country. No doubt about it though, this team has been the worst in NCAA D-I land for the past 10 seasons.

No. 1 (1)—Washington muskies—At 0-12, Washington wrapped up a perfect season by losing to California 48-7 December 6, 2008, thus becoming the first 0-12 Pac 10 team ever.

Hope you like it as I plan to bring it back next season.