Wrestling's 10 Funniest, Most Ridiculous Interview Bloopers Ever

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Wrestling's 10 Funniest, Most Ridiculous Interview Bloopers Ever
Scott Steiner is a walking blooper

Throughout the history of wrestling, performers are prone to having an off-night here and there, especially on the microphone. 

The superstars of professional wrestling are combatants first and foremost, so it doesn't seem counterintuitive they would falter when giving interviews.

Most wrestlers allow their actions to speak louder than words, opting to clothesline or clobber their adversaries in lieu of discourse.

Thus, when someone like Steve Austin, The Rock, Chris Jericho or even CM Punk pops up, we pay attention because they represent the antithesis of the norm.

Unfortunately, the majority of wrestlers struggle to memorize their lines, deliver them on cue or utter a string of sentences in such a way that not only makes sense, but doesn't have observers shaking their heads in disbelief.

Sometimes, wrestlers rise to the occasion to become passable if not compelling speakers, but when they fall short of the mark, their verbal mistakes become chronicled for the rest of eternity on YouTube.

Let's look at wrestling's most outlandish interview bloopers.

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