8 Most Powerful People in the WWE

Jessica Eberle@Bookjunkie87Contributor IIIDecember 8, 2011

8 Most Powerful People in the WWE

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    World Wrestling Entertainment has always been about one word: power. Power is what gives you the ability to makes others do what you want, helps you win matches and get ahead in the business. It defines who you are and allows others to take notice.

    Even today, we see people using and abusing their power. Let's see who is in the list of the eight most powerful people in WWE today.

The Voice of the Voiceless: CM Punk

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    You can call him Straightedge, the Voice of the Voiceless and most recently, the WWE Champion. Ever since CM Punk dropped the bomb on the WWE brass, he has been able to take control of the company's decisions. He has the power to make the WWE Universe stand behind him, even against John Cena.

    Punk has even been able to receive the matches he wants from the interim GM, Laurinatis. With his smart remarks and negativity against the WWE, he still obtains the abilities to get what he wants. CM Punk is truly a powerful figure in the WWE World. 

The COO: Triple H

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    The Chief Operating Officer of the WWE has displayed his power over every aspect of his career. He has control over the superstars in and out of the ring, finding it to be an easy task to manipulate people by placing fear into their hearts.

    Now that he has the run of things in the WWE, he has the power to make anything happen and to fire who he believes needs to be eliminated.

    Triple H's power stems from his office at WWE Headquarters to the very ring he spent many years in, dominating everyone he challenged.

The Champ Is Here!

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    Over the nine years that he has been in the WWE, John Cena has shown his power. Cena's power is not only in the ring, but outside as well. He has the ability to grab the attention of many fans and get a reaction unlike any other superstar.

    When there is an issue that needs to resolved in the WWE, Cena has the power to change things for all of us. He can talk the WWE brass into anything and make them believe he is the only man for any job.

    His in-ring strength is shown in matches where any regular man would have to say "I quit," lay down till the count of 10 or never escape the cage. Cena is the one you can count on to win a match, settle a dispute and have the most WWE Universe members behind him.

The Interim General Manager of Monday Night Raw

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    Is John Laurinaitis the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations or the Senior Vice President? Gosh, I forget; he really needs to say it more often to remind us.

    Anyway, since Mr. Laurinaitis became the Interim GM of Raw he has had complete control over the superstars, the fans and every episode. He is able to make the matches, fire people and rehire them at will. With his sidekick, David Otunga, at his side, he would even be able to place lawsuits upon who he chose.

    John Laurinaitis is slowly becoming Vincent Kennedy McMahon due to his power over the whole operation.

The World's Strongest Champion

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    Mark Henry is the World Heavyweight Champion for a couple reasons. These reasons happen to be the power that he has over his opponents, the GM of Smackdown and what he displays in the ring. When he doesn't believe that something is correct, he can change it to satisfy him with his pure power over the WWE. 

    He has made changes to matches, received the matches he wants and has been able to make others do as he says. With the World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder and the power he has, this man is unstoppable. 

Pinup Strong

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    Divas champion Beth Phoenix and Natalya have displayed the most power out of all the Divas Division, which has become a joke. They have taken their opponents to the limit and shown them what real women do in the ring.

    Beth and Nat are powerful, smart, beautiful and belong in the wrestling ring. They have dominating in-ring talent, powerful words and they make the other "Barbie doll" divas cry. These two women are 100 percent power and beauty.

Natural Born Leader

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    His voice is strong and demanding of your attention. His words are intelligent and sophisticated. His appearance is authoritative and debonair. He is the man that deserves an opportunity to show the cynics he is worthy of being a top superstar, Wade Barrett.

    From the very beginning, Barrett has shown all of us that he has a great amount of power. Barrett has been the leader of two successful groups and led them to dominate the entire Raw and Smackdown rosters. Even now that he is a singles competitor, he is showing us every week that he has the abilities to reach the top once again.

    He has also go on to make the bold statement of his uprising on WWE Smackdown:

    “I foolishly aligned myself with a legion of parasites who served no purpose but to leach of my own success. Time has taught me a very valuable lesson and that the only person I need to succeed is myself. The Great Barrett Uprising starts tonight."

    Indeed, the Great Barrett uprising has begun, and he has once again proven to all of us that he is one of the most powerful superstars in the WWE.

The WWE Universe

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    The WWE Universe is a source of extreme power when they all come together. They exchange ideas, give opinions and comment about the shows on social networking sites. When they attend the live events, they breathe life into the WWE and its superstars.

    The WWE Universe is the reason why the WWE exists and has been viewed on television for so many years. They enable change in the WWE due to the reaction that they give to the company. These are millions and millions of very powerful people no matter how you look at it.