Dallas Cowboys: Tomorrow Is Only a Day Away!

Janet GibbsContributor IDecember 27, 2008

For fans across the NFL, tomorrow is the last day they will see their teams play until next season. For those fans whose teams have already secured a playoff spot tomorrow is just another day.


But for Dallas Cowboys fans, tomorrow is do or die!


Santa already knows that the Dallas fans were nice, some of us even went shopping with our spouses in hopes of getting our prayers answered tomorrow: a Win! 


How did they get here? Was their goal to go to the Super Bowl too high to achieve?

Certainly not, with all their dynamic talent and pre-season predictions by the sports media to be the No. 1 team from the NFC. 


On a team plagued with injuries and on- and off-field drama no wonder they are in this situation.


We are constantly questioning Tony Romo’s ability to be our leader. And if that weren’t enough, we all are wondering how much drama has T.O stirred up this week that we didn’t hear about? Even if he didn’t say a word, a brother can’t get a break.


Having to play like there isn’t going to be a tomorrow can be traumatizing. It should be just another day at work. The last regular season game having already secured a playoff spot, NFC East champs, home field advantage, and a first round bye.


Oops:that was the tomorrow's reality that was a few years ago. The game in Philly has all the makings of a great playoff game. Win-you're in, lose-you're out or in with help. The weather is predicted to be at least 65 degrees. Christmas is over, so the Philly fans can’t boo or throw snow at Santa.


Dallas must prove again on Sunday why they have been chosen America’s team. Against all odds and skeptics they must play like the team we expected them to be at the beginning of the season.


No matter what the outcome, we all will continue to be Cowboys fans and they will be America’s team. Since they have five Super Bowl rings, there is nothing else to prove: go Cowboys!