How To Bail Out the Golden State Warriors

Gerard DContributor IDecember 26, 2008

Most NBA fans probably know that there are problems within Golden State Warriors land. All the reports and rumors about Don Nelson becoming "too old and soft for this" and Chris Mullin being bossed around by Robert "Bobby" Rowell and Chris Cohan are evidence of these problems.

Simply, Cohan is a business man that makes boneheaded decisions; keeping Rowell by giving him a five-year extension instead of giving that extension to a guy who really understands basketball like Mullin.

For most Warriors' fans, these times are their own version of economic recession. This is so hard for others that the only way they see that this franchise can be saved is with the help of a bailout package.

But the question is: What kind of bailout is it going to be? Who and where is it going to come from? What are the components of this bailout? What are the possible repercussions if this package?

I'm not an expert on resuscitating a failing economy nor a failing NBA franchise, but we can certainly just have some fun with this bailout package.


Bailout Package No. 1: Make a Trade

The Warriors trades forward Corey Maggette and point guard Marcus Williams to the Toronto Raptors for forwards Andrea Bargnani and Jason Kapono. I know that Bargnani isn't the defending and rebounding big man that the Warriors really need right now. In addition, the Warriors already have Rob Kurz and Brandan Wright who both play in the same position as Bargnani, which makes this a tough sell.

But this move may also be viewed as a way to clear up some space in the backcourt for the Warriors and allow for more playing time from Italian sharpshooter guard Marco Belinelli (who is a much better play maker than Maggette is). When healthy, the Warriors will essentially have nine guards on their roster. This trade will balance the roster. 

As for Kapono, he is what he is. He can shoot if he gets enough space between himself and his man or he can just get hot and hit from everywhere. The Warriors get a rotational small forward in Kapono in addition to Stephen Jackson. 

This move will also to get rid of Maggette's contract and take on two contracts that will expire in two years, which may also be the deal breaker here for the Raptors. However, if the Warriors offer a second round draft pick and perhaps another complementary player, then the Raptors may get something out of this. 

Immediate benefit: Warriors add 12 more games to their winning column this season.

Negative: Still out of the playoffs.

Long-term Benefits: The Warriors are only a draft pick or trade away from becoming a playoff team again. The Warriors get Flexibility in 2010.


Bailout Package no. 2: Get the No. 1 Draft Pick

The Warriors just throw this season away to have a better chance at landing the number one draft pick in the NBA draft lottery. If the Warriors get the first pick, well let's just say they, will be a pretty darn good team for a long time in the league if they do get the first pick.

I can see the lineup now:

Center: Andris Biedrins.

Power Forward: Blake Griffin.

Small Forward: Stephen Jackson.

Shooting Guard: Monta Ellis.

Point Guard: Jamal Crawford.

However, this is still up to destiny to decide. We will never know how the ball will roll in the lottery; the Miami Heat lost out to the Chicago Bulls in the lottery last year.

Immediate benefits: Warriors get younger but better. Adds more depth to the team.

Negative: Learning curve for the young players.

Long-term Benefit: The Warriors become a consistent playoff team and perhaps an NBA Finalist in the next three years or so.


Bailout Package no. 3: Flip the Franchise Around

The minority owners of the Warriors franchise buys out Cohan, fires Rowell, and promotes Mullin as president of the organization. Chris Mullin then hires R.C. Buford as general manager. Don Nelson retires or resigns and Keith Smart becomes the head coach.

Immediate Benefit: No more Idiots in the Golden State Warriors organization.

Negative: Don Nelson doesn't get his 1,200 career wins.

Long-term Benefit: No more Idiots in the Golden State Warriors organization.