John Cena vs. The Rock: 4 Reasons the Match at Wrestlemania Is Losing Its Charm

Shalaj Lawania@_Apex_Predator_Senior Analyst IDecember 7, 2011

John Cena vs. The Rock: 4 Reasons the Match at Wrestlemania Is Losing Its Charm

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    We have been told to wait for a year for this once-seemingly legendary match. We're still waiting, unfortunately, but the excitement is gradually being killed.

    A lot of the blame lies with the two wrestlers in the picture and a bit more lies with the WWE Creative. We're all looking forward to Wrestlemania 28, but is it for Undertaker vs. Masked Kane, Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk or The Rock vs. John Cena

    Of course, the first two options are just conjecture, but these are matches that I think might overshadow the Cena-Rock showdown—if they happen.

    Here are my four reasons why Mr. Electricity and Mr. Fruity Pebbles aren't living up to the promise of providing the most electrifying match in all of entertainment.

1. Hype

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    This is not one of my strongest points, which is it why it features first. I do, however, expect it to get stronger over the weeks, which is why it features on this list.

    While The Rock vs. John Cena should be (and, looking at ticket sales, is) enough to sell Wrestlemania, we've still not gotten our money's worth in the whole build-up to the once-in-a-lifetime match.

    It basically started when John Cena blamed Rock for leaving WWE for movies and not looking back at all and for having completely ignored the fans. The Rock, who couldn't say anything constructive to this because he did bail out on WWE for producing movies that portray him as a fairy (complete with a tutu), simply replied by saying he would shine up stuff and stick it up parts that shouldn't be said out loud in the PG era (but still are).

    Fine, okay. The feud's set. I like The Rock way more than John Cena, but I had to admit Cena had a stronger point. This led to a series of entertaining videos/rap games which we all pretty much enjoyed.

    It hasn't progressed much after that.

    Granted, we are still months away from Wrestlemania, but with Rock's busy schedule, I don't expect him to appear on RAW every week to really build up the feud. I mean, he came back to the wrestling ring after seven long years and all he could do was show up the RAW before Survivor Series for a 15-minute segment that was filled with Twitter references. Really? Really?

    Let them have a video/rap war again. Let them have a contract signing at Royal Rumble (Since Cena taking part in RR is a useless idea). Call him to MNR, call it "Raw Gets Rocked 2" if you want, but get him back.

    If we're having a match for which fans have waited a year, let's give them the hype they deserve. As fans, we should be thinking "Man, four more months before this actually happens," rather than being annoyed with constant reminders of what is trending on Twitter.

    Ever since The Rock said "I promise you, I'm never going again," his total number of appearances might add up to a single digit.

2. The Return of the Rock

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    For all those die-hard fans of the Attitude Era, seeing The Rock perform once again in the ring is a dream come true; a remembrance of the days gone by; a chance to see our idol perform one more time after years; to see that Rock Bottom or People's Elbow.

    Yeah, that's the problem—he's already done that.

    There's not much to expand on this point. One reason why fans wanted to see Cena vs. Rock is because it meant they would see Rock back in the ring once again after years.

    Now they've already seen it. All those chants of "You still got it!" won't be surfacing at Wrestlemania now.

    The fact that Rocky hadn't entered the ring to wrestle for seven years was also Cena's only advantage in a feud that has seen Rock being booked like a wrestling god. Look for new ones now, Fruity.

3. Wrestling

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    As much of a fan I am of The Rock, I still feel we didn't see enough to say he is in perfect shape for wrestling. He was put down once in the entire match and spent a majority of it outside the ring. Maybe because they didn't want to put too much of Rock into this match and save it for Wrestlemania, or maybe because he's getting in the flow gradually.

    Either way, I'm not convinced. Seeing that his next match is nearly six months after this one, the conviction is furthered weakened.

    That means while we may get a good wrestling match out of the two (on a night which might see the likes of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan and probably Alberto Del Rio in main events), this will definitely not be the best wrestling match of the night.

    Of course, I expect it to overshadow any match in which Hornswoggle, Santino Marella, any diva or any celebrity is involved, but it won't be the pick of the night.

    ...And you can imagine what will happen if fans don't return happy after witnessing a match they've been waiting a year for.

4. Result

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    The result of this match doesn't matter. We're more concerned with the prospects of the awesome promos they might give or the wrestling. If you had paid attention to the previous slides, you'll see why those aren't such strong points anymore.

    Let's see:

    a) Rock wins—If Rocky manages to pin Cena, he'll surely get another Wrestlemania moment to add to his collection and make a LOT of fans happy and make them feel this WM was indeed the best. But then what? He'll go back to making movies.

    That sucks.

    There is no point in making Dwayne win. He's not here to stay. Cena is. But making Cena win would be...well, let's analyze that:

    b) Cena wins—I kid you not, looking at the way things are going...if John Cena wins this match (and he should, this being a "passing of the torch" kind of thing), hell will break loose.

    The match is in Miami, out of all places. It's Rock's hometown, a place where people would have spent their money and time, painted their faces and made numerous signs and placards just to see their local hero win.

    Imagine their anger if he loses. That too, to John "PG Boy" Cena.

    Believe me, if Cena wins, he might as well turn heel. It'll be completely horrible to see a saintly Cena say "You can say whatever you want about me" and point the mic at the crowd while they blow the roof off with their "Cena Sucks!" chants.

    This is, after all, the best platform for Cena to turn heel. But we've got too many articles on that already.

    Also, if he does win, that'll make Dwayne look like a fool. For a guy who has been strutting around like a legend the whole year and dominating anything and everything—for a guy like Dwayne to finally lose to the guy he once called "Barney the Dinosaur" would be devastating.

    You expect him to get the same reaction if he ever makes an appearance after WM 28? You never know, he might...he's The Rock after all. Even more if Cena defeats him using some heel tactics. Hint hint.