Liverpool: This Should Be Our Year

Indran Goncalves EdirenkoCorrespondent IDecember 26, 2008

When my friends and me sat and talked about Liverpool F.C, I as the only Liverpool fan among them couldn't help but feel disgusted of what they thought of us.

A couple of my friends told me that if it wasn't for the Champions League spot, we wouldn't be called the top team in the EPL, as it has been ages since we actually gave Manoo or Chelshi* or even Arse-nal a hard time in EPL games.

We actually usually fight off Evertoons for the last CL spot. But for the last couple of seasons it was Arse-nal that was fighting for "the spot" and we were comfortably sitting on third, still not bothering the top two.

But check out this season, we are on fire! Or are we? We can say that we have never had so many points at this stage of the season since 1996 but is this amount of points sufficient? Is it us being lucky or the other top teams being unlucky?

Okay let's start from Benitez, he is relatively new compared to Sir Alex or Arsene Wenger, he is still learning all the curves of the EPL. For example his ideas on squad rotation backfired, and his zonal marking is still backfiring. Dirk Kuyt? Well for a £10 million striker he is not doing enough. Trying out our reserve players for the first team? Well I'm still 50-50 about it.

Investment on Spanish players is the best idea since 'Fergie's Fledglings'. His attempt to buy Gareth Barry could have created a great partner for Masch and Stevie G, but we would have lost the great Alonso.

There are of course some other ideas that our Mr. Benitez came up with but not all with great success, he is still learning of course but have Liverpool become a club where you can take the risk of experimenting? Hell no!

We are a club that is still being overshadowed by our past, from our great achievements to the Hillsborough disaster; we also seem to be the only English club that never recovered from the European ban on all English teams in the 90s.

I was born in 1988, the only famous footballers that I know who played before I was born are Garrincha, di Stefano, and Puskas (not including Pele, Maradona, and Valderrama of course) but all of the (older) people I have spoken to said football with Liverpool is not what it used to be.

It's a shame considering the players we have now who I think are better than the older generation, for example we have, or had; Torres, Gerrard, Carragher, Owen, Reina, and Kuyt.

They only had Kevin Keegan, Alan Hansen, Ian Rush, Dalglish, McMahon, Grobbelaar, Heighway, Nicol, Barnes, Molby, Clemence, Souness, Hunt, Callaghan, Fairclough, Liddel, and alot more.

Okay, so what if they were better than us, plus I did not add Hyppia or Fowler for us when I was comparing, and I didn't add Lawrenson, Beardsley, Phil Neal, Ian St. John, John Toshack, and Ray Kennedy for them.

Okay I guess they were probably better than us, what I am trying to say is: I am afraid that this year wouldn't be ours. Our squad depth, for me, is not good enough. When fellow Liverpool fans tell me that this COULD be our year I tell them no, I tell them it SHOULD be our year, it simply HAS to be our year.

As for the question earlier, if we are lucky? I don't think so, I REALLY THINK THIS W/C/SHOULD BE OUR YEAR!