College Football: Potential First-Round Matchups a Playoff Could Create

Sam YoshidaContributor IDecember 7, 2011

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 03:  Tyrann Mathieu #7 of the LSU Tigers celebrates after earning the MVP trophy in their 42-10 win over the Georgia Bulldogs during the 2011 SEC Championship Game at Georgia Dome on December 3, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

There has been much scrutiny the past couple of days about the upcoming BCS bowl matchups. Many are questioning whether Virginia Tech or Michigan belong in the Sugar Bowl over Boise State or Kansas State.

Many people are also upset that they have to sit through another Alabama-LSU game, the matchup for the national championship.

It seems like everyone is asking for a playoff, but there are many views on how big or what kind of playoff system should be implemented. The most feasible would be a plus-one, four-team playoff, but that doesn't even seem 100-percent fair, especially this year when many good one-loss teams deserve to be in the playoffs.

It's a stretch, but a 16-team playoff would be the fairest postseason. Every conference champion gets an automatic bid and five at-large teams would be selected by an NCAA committee similar to the one that selects the at-large teams for the NCAA basketball tournament. The committee then reseeds every team based on wins and schedule strength.

It's considered the most fair, because all 120 FBS teams will have a chance to compete for a national championship. All they have to do is win their conference to get a spot in the tournament. Bowl games would continue for those teams that don't make it to the playoffs.

Using the current BCS standings, these would be the potential first-round games:

No. 1 LSU (SEC Champ) vs. No. 16 Louisiana Tech (WAC Champ)

No. 2 Alabama (At Large) vs. No. 15 Northern Illinois (MAC Champ)

No. 3 Oklahoma State (Big 12 Champ) vs. No. 14 Arkansas State (Sun Belt Champ)

No. 4 Stanford (At Large) vs. No. 3 West Virginia (Big East Champ)

No. 5 Oregon (Pac-12 Champ) vs. No. 12 Southern Mississippi (C-USA Champ)

No. 6 Arkansas (At Large) vs. No. 11 TCU (MWC Champ)

No. 7 Boise State (At Large) vs. No. 10 Clemson (ACC Champ)

No. 8 Kansas State (At Large) vs. No. 9 Wisconsin (Big Ten Champ)

This year would be great, because most of the conference champs are solid teams. Louisiana Tech is the only champion that did not receive votes in either the Harris or Coaches poll. The SEC would be happy too, because they would get three teams in the tournament rather than just two via the BCS.

It's a simple playoff system, but it definitely would be worth watching more than the BCS bowls this year. What do you think is the best way college football should handle its postseason?