WWE: Will They Turn John Cena Heel? Not in This Lifetime

Duane DooganCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2011

Last week, I watched "Rowdy" Roddy Piper stir the pot and ask John Cena why he put up with boos from the fans. Making points about John Cena wrestling every single night and always being there, yet Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson walks in for the first time in seven-and-a-half years and gets the biggest ovation of the night.

After watching that, I thought to myself; "Wow, they're going to turn Cena heel for the WrestleMania match!"

I was excited. I'm not the biggest fan of John Cena, I'm certainly not a fan of his always resilient Superman gimmick. But I respect John Cena—he never gives less than 100 percent and does that every day of the week.

Hulk Hogan was far from the best in-ring competitor, the same can be said for Steve Austin. It didn't matter. Yet it's John Cena's downfall for some reason, but that's a different argument for a different day.

I watched RAW last night, and one thing became very apparent: The excitement I had last week for the likely heel turn, wasn't that likely. Roddy Piper wasn't asking John Cena why he accepts the boos, he was asking the fans why they still boo. The booking last night had John Cena go up against Zack Ryder, one man whose reception at Survivor Series was on par with The Rock—arguably better.

Zack Ryder for weeks has been asking for a United States Championship opportunity. We saw the fuss the Madison Square Garden crowd caused due to him not receiving a title shot.

He would now get his opportunity if he could defeat John Cena, who was also fighting for a title match at TLC, a WWE Championship match—the most prestigious Championship in all of professional wrestling...or so it would seem.

John Cena defeated Zack Ryder, who after the match told Cena the US Title match was all he had left. At this moment, Cena left and asked Interim General Manager of RAW and the Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis to give him a match. He agreed, but on the condition that John Cena would give up his right to compete for the WWE Title. John agreed and assisted Zack Ryder to victory.

This was a clever move by WWE—from a distance. At first you think Cena earned his right and still gave it up to help his friend who deserves opportunity. What a hero. Why would the WWE Universe ever boo him again if he was such a nice and generous guy? Especially to someone the crowd loves so much.

But look closer.

The reason anybody puts on a pair of boots and heads to the ring is to compete to be the best. That's the definition of competition.

However, the most prestigious championship in WWE wasn't that important to Cena, as he said himself: He's a 12-time World Champion, has he had it enough? Does he no longer have the desire to accomplish the same goals again? Is John Cena making himself (albeit, inadvertently) bigger than the WWE and its title?

Pulling moves like this show us that the WWE don't want to turn Cena heel. Why would they? It's guys like Cena, Mysterio and Sin Cara that the young kids watch and in turn get their parents to buy them the t-shirts, video games, poster and event tickets. Vince can't leave that responsibility in the absent Cara and Mysterio. It's John Cena's job and his job to stay.

People say make CM Punk is the main babyface of the company—the front man. That's ridiculous. Young kids are going to have their parents part with a lot more money than the "10%er's" who rally behind CM Punk. It's a business. John Cena is good for business and when business is good, why chance a thing?

The babyface is here...to stay.