LeBron James and Kobe Bryant Are on Top? Dwyane Wade Says Not so Fast

Joel QuickContributor IDecember 26, 2008

It is safe to say that LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are in a league of their own. It is also safe to say that Dwyane Wade is one of the most talented and feared players in the league.


The real question is…would Wade be in the same class as LeBron and Kobe without the injuries the past two years?


Wade is the leading scorer in the NBA this year, averaging a dazzling 29 points and seven assists per game. That is three more points and four more assists than Kobe and roughly two more points and one more assist than LeBron!


Wade can also produce more than just offense. He can D up!


He is averaging over two steals per contest, which ranks him fourth in the NBA, ahead of both LeBron and Kobe.


Yes, Kobe and LeBron are both very good. Ok, insanely good. They have the stats and wins to back that up, but I think Wade would be right there without the injuries the past two seasons.


Do not tell me that Wade can not shoot or does not step up in the big game. Do we remember the healthy Wade in the 2006 playoffs? He was Michael Jordan like as he soared, glided, and did what ever else he wanted to his opponents to capture that ring.


Yes, he did have Shaq, the most dominant big man who petrified teams more than anyone in the game during my lifetime and maybe history. Yes, Shaq is a game changer, but did he really alter the game that much to allow Wade to score over 39 points per game during their wins?




Ask Shaq. He will be the first to tell you that Wade or “Flash” as Shaq calls him, carried that team. Wade straight up deserved that ring and Finals MVP honors, which LeBron has failed to achieve yet (I’m not saying this makes Wade better by any means, just stating the facts.)


I also would like to make the point that Wade does not have the best supporting cast. In the crunch time, does Wade really have the option to pass the ball?




Yet the Heat are still finding ways to win and surprise us all.


I think neither Kobe nor LeBron will choose to pass, but at least they have the option to.


Dwyane Wade is on top of his game and the rest of this country will soon realize that too. The Heat were off to a slow start, but have been hot as of late. I see them to continue to ride Wade’s back into the playoffs this year.


That would be a true testament to how good Wade really is. Who really expected the Heat to make the playoffs this year?


No one!


Wade has been overlooked the past couple seasons and rightfully so (due to injuries).


Now, I think it is time so start putting him up there with the elite. Kobe and LeBron are proven, but Wade is not far behind, if behind at all.